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When it came to approaching Mike Wolfe, the ever-fluctuating “hate” portion of my love-hate relationship with the World Wide Web was exacerbated to such a degree that the duality (or what’s left to it) had modulated to a superlative abhorrence. All of this was amplified by how well-known Mike Wolfe actually is, thanks to the success of his show American Pickers… (Read the article below.)
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4 thoughts on “Motorycle Rides & Culture: January 2015”

  1. Ralph Ludwig

    I think you have one of the best shows on television, bar none. I try to see every one of your episodes, and many times I watch some the second or third time they are aired. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. Virginia Fridlund

    Hi Mike and Frank, you have by far the neatest, best tv show that’s been on in years. I never miss it. I record it and watch some of them 3 and 4 times..Always see something new when I do that. I also love Indians and H.Ds. Im a 70 year old widow who became a biker bitch at the age of 65. I love motorcycles and adore being my boyfriends passenger..or as he calls me,,,,lol Thank you for a great show…love ya all!!!

  3. Joe Tondu

    If you don’t already know of the “Slimey Crud Motorcycle Run” held the first Sundays of May and October near Madison Wisconsin consider yourself “hipped to”. Lots of cool bikes (thousands?), and cycle comraderie. I wasn’t the only one piloting a Norton. Guzzis, Ducatis, cafe-ed out “rice burners” galore. Couple Harleys 🙂

  4. Rhys

    Just curious, I know you were very involved with Indian when they unveiled the new Indian motor. I’m guessing that perhaps a contract thing run out or what. You were a great spokes person for the brand and is Polaris dissolved the relationship shame on them.

    Enjoyed riding around Daytona Beach with you a few years back.


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