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It Starts in Nashville But Means So Much More

Everyone who lives in one of America’s small towns or spends time visiting them is aware of the way they have been impacted by the decline in American manufacturing. Perhaps nowhere is it more apparent than visiting towns that were built long ago around facilities creating American made clothing. In Nashville, a group of dedicated people are working to revive that industry.Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 4.26.15 PM

Nashville Fashion Alliance has come together not just to fill in the gaps for the growing fashion industry in Nashville, but also to develop a model that has the potential to revitalize America’s small towns across the country. Having successfully reached their initial Kickstarter campaign funding goals, they are one step closer to bridging the gap between the Nashville local creative community and area manufacturing resources that can meet their production needs. NFA is out to prove that we CAN bring manufacturing back to American communities!

We All Want to See Apparel Manufacturing Return to US Shores, But Where Does It Start?

It starts where many things start, with education and awareness. People have to understand how their buying choices effect the industry at large and choose to shop local and American Made when they can. Communities have to invest in the education and training of people to work in the apparel industry and recognize the value of that business to their area. Nashville Fashion Alliance, knowing education, awareness, and training are key, are conducting studies on economic impact and they are partnering with local community organizations to provide training and development to people who need the opportunity to enter the apparel industry workforce.

What Can The Success of Nashville Fashion Alliance Mean For Small Town America?

NFA is poised to execute a program in their city that can be duplicated across the country to support the efforts of bringing similar manufacturing jobs back home. Supporting their efforts is supporting job creation in the places so many of us hold dear.

What Can You Do To Help?

Read more about their efforts, spread the word, and stay up to date on their struggles and successes.

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