It’s National Bomb Pop Day!

bomp pops-2
Charlie Wolfe & friend Fiona, who is rocking a Kid Picker tee! Photo: Meghan Aileen

For most adults, eating a bomb pop on a hot summer day takes them for a stroll down memory lane. Every time I eat one, I am reminded of the little league baseball park where I grew up watching my big brother play ball. I can almost hear the crack of the bat and smell the red dirt of the base lines.

The bomb pop, born in 1955, is a patriotic pop from a patriotic time in American history. The original bomb pop, invented by James S. Merritt and D.S. Abernethy in Kansas City, Missouri on July 30, 1955 was red, white and blue with cherry, lime and blue raspberry flavorings. Today, it’s a treat that has a special place on Summer afternoons, especially when we have the chance to introduce kids to their very first one. Inevitably, when handing a child their first bomb pop, we find ourselves saying, “You know. I used to eat these when I was your age…”

Share the bomb pop love with some kids today, and while you’re at it, tell them about what life was like back when you used to eat them, because it’s National Bomb Pop Day!

Charlie Wolfe & Friends sharing the love of the patriotic pop!
Charlie Wolfe & Friends sharing the love of the patriotic pop! Photo: Meghan Aileen

4 thoughts on “A Day of Celebration for the Patriotic Pop!”

  1. Pam Bearden

    Love this! It took me back to fun times when the ice cream truck would come around. He always had bomb pops! I usually had the melting colors on my mouth and shirt 🙂 Yum!

  2. Patricia McLeod

    I love you guys, and your show. I love Danelle too. (ms). LOL would you send me a autograph pic of you all. Here is where you send it too: Pat McLeod, 17A Hillside Circle, Franklin, NH. 03235. Have you figured out where in the N.E. you will be? I hop it is NH, near me, so I can meet you. and, I have a old Collins double bited Ax in shealth, that my great grandfather founded, in Collinsville, CT. Please think about a picture.

  3. Oma

    I enjoy your show very much. Love the pictures of Charlie and her new dog. Also, really love the picture of the pop cycle eating kids especially the adorable blond haired boy in blue with the red tongue. I’m a little biased as I am his Om.

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