Should you find yourself in the Southern California desert January 20th and 21st, you may feel like you’ve time-warped back six or seven decades to the heyday of American motoring.  Are your eyes deceiving you?  No, that really IS a 1949 Mercury convertible cruising past you. What’s going on here?

Vintage motorcycles and classic cars from every corner of the country are gassing up for the trip to Palm Springs to celebrate the glory days of speed and style. This is the Paradise Road Show.

The annual show, created by Adri LawChase Stopnik and Lana MacNaughton, invites drivers, riders and makers and their families to the restored Ace Hotel for an unforgettable weekend honoring the craftsmanship of pre-1970s rides.


Paradise Road Show

There will be a lot of ground to cover over the weekend, so to help you out, here’s a breakdown of how to make the most of the show:

1.) If you have a ride or bike you’d like to enter in the show, do that FIRST!

You MUST apply to participate. Remember: The only rule is that the bike or vehicle be pre-70’s! You’re also encouraged to dress the part to add more authenticity to the event.

Paradise Road Show

2.) Book a room in a restored hotel to stay close to the action

The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs is where you can hang your hat AND hang with the rides. This restored desert inn will keep you close to the show and local attractions like Joshua TreeSalvation Mountain and the Salton Sea. (Grab a bite at the hotel’s on-site diner– a converted Denny’s!)

Check into your room, swing open your patio door, and you’re front row at the show! Go outside to find the bikes lined up on the sand walkway of the hotel sharing the space with the flea market vendors. Speaking of whom…

Paradise Road Show

3.) Here’s your chance to support American heritage brands

Not only is the Paradise Road Show all about celebrating old school rides, it also salutes artisans and makers. Lindsey Ross is set up to snap a wet plate photo of you like it’s 1860; Brian Blakey is ready to chain stitch whatever you’d like onto your favorite jacket; and talk to Blackboard Al who might have just what you need for your next bike build! If you’re feeling like it’s time for some fresh ink, there are also four tattoo artists coming with custom tattoos designed exclusively for the show.

Paradise Road Show

4.) This is a family/pet-friendly event

Bring your crew and check out the four rockabilly bands on the bill.  Dig through the unique finds at the flea market, enjoy all kinds of food truck grub, and when you’re ready for dessert in the desert, slap on a bib for the annual pie eating contest! (Heads up: Last year they accidentally froze the pies… no telling if that was a one-time mess-up or the start of a new tradition. Either way, you’ve been warned!)

Paradise Road Show

Remember the Paradise Road Show — Palm Springs, California,  January 20th & 21st.  There’s still time to book a flight, or better, jump on Two Lanes with your best travel buddies for a weekend of gears, motors, and memories.

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Paradise Road Show




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  1. Karen Lynne McKay=Harper

    Do you guys ever come to Arkansas? Hot Springs has an awesome antique and flea market community. Where else can you stay at a 113 year old hotel (Arlington) but you can bathe in hot mineral water as it comes out of the side of a mountain?

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