Sorting Gems from Junk

Mike as featured in People Magazine. Mike answers a few frequently asked questions below. Learn about when he started picking, what he thinks is his best find, and how much he keeps for his own collection.

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6 thoughts on “People Magazine”

  1. Louis C. Geerman

    Hi. Wishing all the best for you and your business. I’d like to say I am a big fan of you guys. I wish to start picking here in my country but I really dont know where to start. I live on the beautiful tropical island of Aruba. I wish one day you guys can come over here for some “vacation” time. Bye now. Stay safe

  2. Sheila

    Hi Mike, (say hello to Danielle & Frank for me also )., please. I love watching you guys on your show. I watch you through your filmed shows on Netflix. I don’t have a regular Cable channel to watch you on, “just can’t afford it”. I won’t pay for a whole pkg; deal when all I want is just “Your Show”…. I absolutely Love, love your show. I love watching when your going out picking. OMG, I wish I was with you both at times, just for the excitement. Your a riot ! I do want to Commend you Mike, as you are the Most Honest Man, (Frank too ), that I have ever watched. “Can’t say met, cause I’ve never met you guys”., would love to. I have seen so many items that you guys have bought & I have watched how Honest you are ( offering, what the item is actually worth, while still making your profit “sometimes little less than you hoped for “, just to be honest & get the item). God Bless you for that Mike. Not many people at all will do that or be that honest today, when they really want your items. My gosh, so many times I’ve wanted to send you a photo of what I have. I know it would probably knock your socks off ! I will even Guarantee you, “you have Never seen item before, because the only other one that was out there, the guys broke, when they moved it”. I bought (years ago) an “ALADDIN CURIO CABINET”… I bought this 8 years ago, from a gentleman who bought the only two from Las Vegas “Aladdin Hotel”, before it became Planet Hollywood back in 2007. This guy was retiring, & I saw these being unloaded from one of his trucks. I stopped & told him I wanted the one I saw them unloading, & he let me buy it, as it said he has another one coming in on his other truck later that day. As I paid him for it, & was driving off, I heard him yell, “what do you mean, they dropped it, I just sold the other one”. I felt bad for him, but I was in my Glory, as I was driving off with my daughter. I knew you would love to hear this story, that’s why I had to tell you. But many times, I have come close to thinking of selling it. Each time I think of selling it, I of course think of you. I couldn’t think of anyone who would be more thrilled at having the only item left of it’s kind, anywhere. I have even gone online to Texas, to a Curio place ( I was instructed to by a Business friend, who deals with Curios). He said he’s never seen a Curio like my Aladdin. He wanted it, but wouldn’t pay me what I was hoping for. Put it this way, I paid more for it, and then extra for everything else inside it (on e-bay), individually for the items inside it. You can’t even buy Aladdin Items any more even at a Disney Store. (except once in a while, maybe just “Jasmine”.) Honestly. So if your ever out this way, I’m from Massachusetts ( Brockton, Ma. ), you may want to contact me: (all lower case )., as I’m ready to part with my big Treasure. It breaks my heart to think of it at times, but I’m having a very hard time trying to move it around when I’m cleaning or wanting to change my room around. I almost tipped it over last time., but Didn’t. lol Thank God.! Okay Mike. I think I talk to much. I will just keep going. I love to chat. I have other stuff, you might be interested in also. “It’s old stuff”, don’t know how old, some things are. But , I don’t have a ton of things, just a few things. You would probably like them. Frank would love my Bobble Head Guy, never taken out of the box. Okay, as I said before, just email me & I will send you my phone #, so we can talk if you’ld like . You guys, I love ya. Danielle too. She’s a real Character. She’s Awesome. I love watching her in between your stops, & love hearing what she say’s sometimes, about you guys. Have a wonderful day, many fantastic pickings, & hopefully you’ll want to come & pick my stuff. Even if it is just s little bit. Love you guys. God Bless, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & Stay Strong. Sheila Thomas…..”Hope to hear from you”

  3. Paige Elena

    i love your show! Especially Frank Fritz. I absolutely adore your personalities and love to watch you travel. Here in Madison, CT we have an antique flea market every July. I hope you can make it next year!

  4. JayJay

    Hey guys

    great show with some really awesum picks. my husband and I are huge fans. I have to tell you since I started watching your show I have started looking at old antique peices that people think are rubbish in a whole new light and I find myself picking and doing trades to obtain the items. Sometimes I onsell and right now im learning the art of negotiation thanks to your show. I have found what was my hobby at first is quickly becoming an addiction. I have many people come through my home often making comment on my finds and offering to buy however I dont sell what I have in my home. Anyway just wanted to say what a great show you have and I hope it runs for many more seasons yet.

  5. Chuck Martin

    Just wondering how much time you two spend on the road together and what kind of percentage do you have for hits and misses.Hope to see some Minnesota picks on the tube. Does your bride get involved with any picking? It’d be cool to see your family on a pick! Thanks & be safe.

    1. Meghan Aileen

      Hi Chuck, Jodi and Charlie sometimes are on the road with them but have not done picking as of yet for the show! Good thinking 🙂

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