To celebrate Father’s Day, 2020 Mike Wolfe created the #PickManCave Challenge on Instagram encouraging the men of Picker Nation to post not only photos of their sacred spaces, but also what makes it unique.

Here are Mike’s Top 3 Picks for Best Man Cave and their stories. 




Nominated by his wife, Calvin’s heartland hangout is packed and stacked with flea market finds, family heirlooms, and motorcycles, like this 1965 Harley-Davidson AermacchiIt’s. Calvin and his dad restored it together when he was in high school. Today it’s displayed inside his man cave as a testimony to how family time can inspire one to follow their passions and become a motorcycle mechanic for an iconic brand.

What we appreciate about this story is that a man cave doesn’t have to be a place to escape from people — but rather can be a place where generations come together to create traditions and memories.


“The items in my husband Calvin’s man cave are much more than just a random collection. It’s years of curating, a love for the old and forgotten, and a deep appreciation for history and the stories each piece shares — Some of which have been passed down from family members, others scored at auctions, garage sales, and flea markets. But the most meaningful items in here is Calvin’s 1965 Harley-Davidson Aermacchi 65M-50.

The bike is proudly displayed on a pedestal but is more than just a beautiful piece of history. This bike was fully restored with his own dad while he was in high school. The bond they shared during this time will forever live on as a defining moment in his own story, one that lead him to become a motorcycle mechanic, later landing his dream job building custom bikes at Harley Davidson.

The bike remains proudly displayed on its pedestal and the memories he has and the legacy he is leaving for his own children continue to grow inside these four walls better known as the man cave.”





Jeff travels the Two Lane back roads of the Midwest on a mission to pick his favorite accessible brand of motorcycles from the 1950s and 60s. To him, this man cave represents a nod to a very different time in the American retail experience.


“Behold my Allstate Mancave in its Glory! I couldn’t afford Indians or Harleys, so I discovered the Sears Allstate brand of motorcycles. What’s more American than opening the pages of the Sears catalog through the ’50s and late ’60s to order up an Allstate 125, 150, 175, or 250cc motorcycle of your dreams, shipped to your home town! Actually Allstate’s were exported by the Austrian motorcycle company, Puch, and rebadge as Allstate’s for Sears & Roebuck.

I don’t buy the restored trophy bikes. I travel around the Midwest trying to save these rusty orphans when I can find something affordable. Of course, it’s also led to finding Sears Allstate oil & petrol memorabilia! I even found a Sears Mechanics jacket that fit me! If you find an old Allstate rusting in a barn, let me know! I’d love to take a drive to meet ya and bring another Orphan back to Indy!”




Picking is a passion that’s passed down. It’s a hobby best enjoyed with a partner, (Hello, Mike and Frank!) Sometimes you just “can” not help yourself once you get started. 


“What makes my dad’s place special is the countless weekends him and I spent going to flea markets, antique malls, swap meets, you name it! And every time I tell him, ‘Dad really…ANOTHER oil can?!’ Clearly that never gets old.”



Thank you to everyone who participated! Follow Mike Wolfe and Antique Archaeology on Instagram for more antiques, behind the scenes, contests, and MORE! 


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  1. linda Thompson

    Love your show. I have learned so much about motorcycles and old cars i now impress my son with my knowledge. I don’t buy the same things you buy but you have changed the way I make negotiations when I do buy. Thank you

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