Preservation Magazine is the award winning magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. They recently did a wonderful piece on Mike and we are proud to share it with you. See the original piece HERE.

Nobody knows small-town America better than Mike Wolfe, creator and star of American Pickers. The popular History Channel show follows Wolfe and childhood friend Frank Fritz as they travel backcountry roads, looking for antiques and the stories behind them. Many of the items purchased on the show are sold at Wolfe’s store, Antique Archaeology, which has locations in Nashville and Le Claire, Iowa. Wolfe has partnered with the National Trust to promote the Trust’s “This Place Matters” grassroots campaign; for more information, click here.

How did you become a picker?

I walked to school, and I didn’t walk on the street. I was always walking in the alleys, because that’s where all the stuff was. That’s where all the garages were open, and you could see people in there, tinkering.

When I was probably in first or second grade, I found this bicycle in the weeds behind this guy’s house. All I did was put air in the tires and wipe it down. This older kid down the street gave me $5 for it and I was hooked.

What’s your best find?

I’m standing in a building right now with probably 75 motorcycles in here, dating from 1902 up to, I think, 1955. I don’t ride my really early stuff, it’s so fragile. But we ride these [other] bikes everywhere. When people see [us] on the road, the first thing they say is, I can’t believe that thing runs!

Have you always lived in historic houses?

Everywhere except my first house. The second house I bought was an 1854 riverboat pilot’s house in Le Claire, Iowa. Everyone in Le Claire thought I was nuts. But you should have seen this thing. It was Italianate style. It had the most amazing staircase. Pine floors.

I sold that one and bought another riverboat pilot’s house, where I lived until I bought this 1860 general store in downtown Le Claire. I rented out the two storefronts and then I did this 2,500-square-foot loft above, and my wife and I lived there.

Why are rural downtowns like Le Claire important?

When people think about main streets and downtowns, they don’t think of the ripple effect. The amenities that are on Main Street, the specialty retail and the architecture and all that, are what drives people wanting to live there and build homes there and move their corporations there.

All of that is the Main Street, the historic part of town—it’s the honey to all the bees. We need to save small-town America, man. Because that’s the roots of our country.

Why did you decide to get involved with “This Place Matters”?

When you talk about historic preservation, everybody thinks it’s about federal buildings and libraries. They don’t realize that it can be a baseball diamond in your town, it can be anything that’s personal to you.

That’s what I love about “This Place Matters” It’s like, hey, this is my story, this is my community story, this is my family story. That’s a really neat thing, because anybody can connect to it on a grassroots level.

By: Meghan Drueding


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75 thoughts on “Preservation Magazine – Back Story: Mike Wolfe, American Picker”

  1. Chuck & Becky Daniels

    We really enjoy your show, we like old stuff too. We live in Eastern Montana,(Glasgow) we are always running into neat stuff at local sales&auctions over here. Keep up the great work.

  2. Kenneth Skeen

    Am a total addict of American Pickers. At age 75.6, I myself feel like a relic, and have loved old stuff most of my life. Wish I had this idea a way long time ago, as I would LOVE to do what Mike, Frank, Danielle, Lauren do. Ended up in the building material supply business for 48 years, and have been in and around old stuff all that time. Here in Medford, Or., I get your show via Spectrum Internet. When you are on (Sunday, Mondays) I just write off the rest of the day and dig (in my brain) with you all. Just watched again the show with Pam and husband. I so fell in love with her and at the close, the “In Memory” post almost made me cry. The people you meet are real people, with interesting history and loves. They are those on who our land was born and grew. I took journalism and history in college (U of O), and thought I wanted to be a history teacher. History is the most important part of this land and it’s people! My Mom was born in 1911 in Long Island, of a first generation Italian immigrant family. Her stories just stirred me thru and thru! I live just 3/4 mile out of Jacksonville, Or., the whole town of which is a National Historic Monument. A dear friend is a picker and co-operator of “Pickety Place”. Great stuff in a historic old home. Keep truckin’ and saving the history of our lives!

    1. Marcia and Jerry

      Love your comments. My husband and I love American Pickers too,and Mike and Frank. Really interesting..we are in our 70s too,and traveled most of Rt. 66 and found many great places with fantastic history and memories,and we collected some. Keep enjoying the Road..and thanks for Mike and Frank,they keep us truckin too. God bless.

  3. cathy

    Still enjoying the show!! we can’t wait to see Frank bundle or deal with someone that don’t like his prices!!! Love to watch you crawl over everything to find something! just good ole TV watchin!!!

  4. David DiBona

    Mike and Danielle: Recently caught the show where you took the Auburn back to see the couple you purchased it from.
    I knew from the second she turned away and went in the house, she was coming back with his picture. You could see in her face the joy she had, going for the cruse with you. Maybe you could show it again, as an opening to another show, and highlight a few stops you may have made with her.
    Not a dry eye in the house.
    So many great shows, and the stop’s you made on the way there were great too.
    I’m a guitarist in a Band here on Cape Cod called Hot Soup…. I really wanted that Fender amp you sold to The Black Keys ‘Dan Auerbach’
    What a great find!!
    When Rick Nielsen was featured on the show it was awesome!
    I see so many items you purchase that I want………because I might have owned similar ones before… I go crazy.
    Still looking for a late 60’s Triumph Bonneville to rebuild/ restore. Owned one for a month a few years after high school. Was stolen.
    I also have ….. a Playboy Guitar… that when I purchased it as a collector, I found a 1953 1st edition Playboy Magazine IN THE ZIPPER SECTION, complete and in great condition. Marilyn looks great!!!!
    These days, a High School Newspaper could do a better job, but for the times back then, I guess it was pretty awesome.
    Your show, meeting all the guys in Sturgis was great also, with Dani wheeling and dealing for the horn plaque for the old 35 Indian.
    Your show has a dedicated following, and my friends and I cant wait to see what you find next.
    Intertwining your show with Counts Customs, Pawn Stars and American Restoration with Rick on a few build is a great Idea.
    You have my Email. Next time your near Cape Cod, let me know, I have tons of leads that you may be able to utilize.
    Take care and my best to Jodi & Charlie your family, including Danielle, Frank and Lauren.
    David DiBona

    1. Nancy NIckels

      I too saw this episode of the show. So glad you took the car back to the original owner and gave her and her ‘husband’ for a ride as promised. It was heart warming.

  5. joe crimi


  6. Kris

    What a fantastic show to watch. And then re-watch later. It is so nice to have a family friendly, fun, educational and entertaining show that you can turn to in this day and age. Thank you for taking a great concept and staying with it for your show.

    Keep up the great work.

  7. Kenneth R Wilson

    Great show!
    Would love to go PICKIN with you guys. I have always enjoyed finding something old and trying to bring it back to life. Been successful a number of times, not so on others, but still try.
    I watch your show every chance I get, even loads of reruns and enjoy every one.
    Thanks for what you do.

  8. Nina Stefanick

    I love your show and watch even the re runs. I am not much of a picker, but my husband is a bit of a picker and a hoarder. Keep on picking. You and
    Frank are the best entertainer on TV.

    Thank you

  9. Sandra

    Love watching the show, it never gets old or tiring. I really think yall should take Danielle out on the road with ya much more, I really enjoy the shows that she goes out on. She’s a smart lady, you need to utilize her more. Come back to our part of the country, you were only here once. There is a lot in Augusta County, Virginia that you could find I’m sure.

  10. julia knaz

    I have been trying to get in touch with you.. we have a relative out in Oregon that has stuff for you to pick threw. Tried your website twice never got back to me…trying to give you guys a lead, but it must not matter.

  11. Paul Monti

    Hey guys, love the show. I’m probably your biggest fan on the east coast. Heard you were coming back to Rhode Island and asked you guys to lunch or dinner. Saugy hot dogs for all or my wife’s home made Macaroni and meatballs. Have some items you might like too. How come no response either way? Disappointed.

  12. don reynolds

    I have hundreds of pre Pearl Harbor athletes signatures and signed photos,
    Got them all as a kid in 1937-1940 via US Postal.
    Live in Northern Va.

  13. Bill Stearns (mr.bill)

    Mike,Frank and Danielle
    My wife and I are big fans of the show, and have been from the beginning.
    Not only do you guys find really cool stuff, but the history that you guys share or if you don’t you have some insight on it, you have the resources to find the mystery behind the items you come across .
    I’m of course envious that you guys find stuff that people over time have saved from generations and have a one time attachment to the at one point in their lives.
    I’m really envious when I seen my buddy Frank Marshascheillo in pictures with you, which was awesome.
    Thanks for reminding some of us of the history we grew up on.

  14. Keith cline

    Great show I collect vintage tv radios record player wire recorders . Have A great time pickin . Keith az

  15. Joan and Bud Fitzmaurice

    I was so happy to hear from you. We’re both 72 and can’t get around much but one of the things that we love to do is watch your shows. We’ve watched them over and over. My husband is getting a bit tired of them, so he tapes them for me, at last count we have about 124 of them. Are you going to be coming out with new shows? I’m getting the feeling that there are some problems? I’m really glad that you picked the place where the young boy and his sister were working with the man that they were kind of in business with, Mike you fixed the front counter for them. If more adults would do things like that for the children of today, I don’t think we’d have all of the problems that we’re having. It just takes one adult to start with, to bring some passion into there lives, to make them feel like someone cares. Please keep the show going, because you and Frank make wonderful team. Thank you for your time. Joan and Bud Fitzmaurice.

  16. Damaris Rispoli

    Just wished you would have come to Bedford, PA!! Would have loved it! Really enjoy your show–would have loved if you’d have come to my house and got rid of some or all of my smalls!!

  17. Janith Smith

    My husband and I are watching it right now. We both love the show. We’re in our 60’s and remember a lot of the items found. Brings back some fond childhood memories. My favorite is the old gas pumps while my husband like old bikes and cycles. We had the chance meet Mike at the Nashville store a couple of years ago. When we went to the shop it was closed for filming. We were so disappointed. We started to leave when we noticed a small gathering of people at the store front. When we went to investigate Mike had come out in the cold drizzling rain to meet his fans. He graciously let us have our pictures taken with him and talked with us for a moment. My husband, daughter and I left really enjoying an otherwise dreary day. We appreciate the kindness he showed to his little group of fans that day.

  18. Deanna brittsan

    Love your show have watched it since the first one. I have been in the collecting and selling most of my life. Love the wonderful old places you get to crawl through,. I, too watch reruns over and over.

  19. Aida Beasley

    Love your show yes you matter. I can,t live with out it, love the girls too, love all you guys I.m hook for sure.

  20. MaryLisa Noyes

    I am loving the phrase “This place matters” because when areas are invested in the people there rise up and take pride again in the possibilities. My home is a 1906 labor of love. Thank you Mike..

  21. K.C. Langridge

    I am an American living in Latvia my English husband. We are tired and retired. We watch your show on VIasat TV Monday through Friday. It is the best program on Latvian tele. Some how we missed your Oregon program. Oregon is my home state and I hope you found some good things there. Mike, your integrity shines in every program. The respect you show the collectors is precious and we learn something new on almost every program. Keep up the great work picking and preserving.

  22. Michael Bolin

    I live in Moseley,VA just outside of Richmond. I am 46 and started picking right after I got hooked on your show 3 yrs. ago. I’ve always been in sales when I sold mortgages and cars at one point but started buying comic books, coins Carousel Gumball machines and small Coke machines. I do as a hobby on the side to make Xtra money for my wife and 3 teen age boys. My wife was diagnosed with R.A. 7 yrs. ago so had to find away to make ends meet. I started my own painting business last yr. Cuz I always wanted that freedom to go and do as I wanted. You guys are an inspiration to people out there in America. I think u guys are my kinda of guys finding that Rusty Gold! I would love to be on your show like an apprentice. I talk to my friends about your show…they say oh yes I watch it. Keep finding that Rusty Gold Mike and Frank! You are preserving America 1 piece at a time! God bless u guys! Mike Bolin

  23. margaret walter

    I love watching american pickers. I think that it is great how mike & frank go all over the country saving prices of history that would otherwise disappear forever. I hope that would come to the altoona area in Pennsylvania. I am sure that there is plenty of places here that have old things. I would like to meet mike & frank some day.

  24. Jimmy Gardiner

    I love the American Pickers show on TV here in Scotland, can’t miss it. I am heading over to see an old & great friend of mine in Des Moines in September. When is best time to catch the Le Clair store Open. Also will Mike & Frank be there ?
    Cheers, from Cruden Bay, Scotland

  25. bill storie

    I think I saw Mike Wolfe’s face on the wall art at the Anamosa Iowa National Motorcycle Museum. It was his eyes that gave it away as he was stratling a 1900s cycle and drinking water on race day. or not! As an infant I was being raised on a rural tenant dairy farm with my aunt and uncle and their 7 kids plus my brother. I later lived in Chicago and Joliet during college years.
    My wife and I are addicted to the Show not that we are collectors or pickers. We love the preservation.
    We watch new and old shows. We do not mind seeing them over again. My comment is well done and keep it up

  26. Anthony Sweet

    I enjoy all the pickers episodes. The one at Belcourt Castle reminded me of some of the parties the Tinneys used to host. Each one had a theme. One that stands out was the “No Undergarments” party. How did they check to see if the guests complied? A mirror on the floor at the door! I’m sure you heard some other stories while the cameras weren’t rolling. I’m the same age as Mike and Frank. My grandmother brought me a box of old bottles when I was like five and my father started taking me to auctions and flea markets around the same time. The stuff is in my DNA and the decreasing space in my house proves it. Thank You sincerely for the hands down best thing I’ve ever seen on TV. It never gets old. As always, wishing you, family, friends, and crew continued success and good health.

  27. Ronald Pelletier

    Amazing program. I drive my wife nits watching. Truth be known she enjoys it too. I appreciate Mike’s integrity in dealing with folks. I don’t know any program I enjoy more.
    I missed your visit to Maine, Skowhegan, bit will pay attention to hopefully next visit.
    I am a ,closet, picker. Love old and vintage stuff. Especially toys and rocking chairs.
    Will watch as long as you have programs to do so.
    Thanks for hours of enjoyment
    God bless you all
    Ron Pelletier Madison Maine next door to Skowhegan

  28. Evan Fyffe

    Hey mike,frank,and danielle im a HUGE fan of your show i watch it everyday im even watching it now lol. It would be an great honor to meet yall one day. I live in douglas georgia. One day yall should swing by this town there are old places here that have wentout of business from long time ago maybe find some things yall interested in.

  29. Connie Compiano-Luker

    FYI. My grandson Wyatt and I were on our way from the east vacation traveling in my 2012 red beetle according to him and me too stopping off to visit your store in le Clair was the best stop ever. Lo e the town. Love your store. Avid fans of your program even watch the reruns. We stopped off inDesMoines where I was born. Love going home. Then back home to So Cal. Keep on picking

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Wow! Sounds like a good time y’all are having on the open road. Be safe and thanks for stopping by LeClaire!


    My wife and I both watch your program every chance we get and love it repeats as well.Live in England in the UK and watch it on Dave whenever its Broadcast.Great to see how well you three get on and really loved the one when you and Frank interviewed Danielle with Laurel and Hardy masks on.Keep making the shows and wishing you all the best in the future

  31. Vanessa Kirby

    I love this show! I have been a lover of antique things since I can remember. my husband and I enjoy this show and watch whenever we can. We are in our 50’s but are planning a trip down Route 66. This os on my bucket list! I would love to go to the Nashville store, this also on that list! Hvae always wanted to see Nashville. Would love to see some of the store items on your website. We look forward to meeting Mike, Frank and Danni. Keep on picking!!!

  32. Elizabeth Hansen

    Hi guys!!! Am watching your show on this cold afternoon. Too many favorite episodes to mention. I have learned a lot from watching your show. I think a little trivia night about your show would be great. Oh, I really loved it when you guys set up a “swap meet for the kids in your neighborhood. Is that annual now? I live in Rock Island and would love to stop over and watch the kids having a ball. Great show guys, please keep it up. Thanks for all the good episodes…..


    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Sounds like the ultimate afternoon, Elizabeth! While the swap meet isn’t annual, many people have written to us saying how they’ve begun holding their own for the kiddos in town. Thanks for the kind words!

  33. Larry Snow

    I have been a picker and a antique dealer for 30 years. Watch your show religiously, don’t always agree on some of the prices you guys pay for an item but I suppose retail prices go higher in Iowa and Nashville when you resale an item. I hope so for your sake. Retail prices here in Virginia are a lot lower so have to keep prices in line for customers. I am envious of some of the great advertising and petroleum
    signage you guys find in NY and other areas. Va. does not have these kind of stashes unfortunately. Would like to go picking with you and Frank if you are ever in Southwest Va. area. Southern W.Va. is pretty good picking and I have a few contacts. Anyway keep on
    digging and picking and come by for some antique and picking chatting. Take care.
    Larry Snow
    Draper, Va 24324

  34. Richard Sellers

    Mike and Frank. Really enjoy your show. I know you two see alot of old cars even volkwagons. I wish you could locate a 1959 Renault for me they are really fun to drive and go good in the snow. ThanksRichard

  35. Dennis Bingham

    I’ve been binge watching “Pickers” for the past month. The real stories are about the people Mike and Frank visit.
    Unlike some “reality” shows, I don’t think Pickers fabricates stories around the picks as much. I enjoy Mike and Danielle most of all. These two could be on TV without a doubt, even without Pickers. Frank is interesting because of his history with Mike. I find it humorous when he tries to get over on people, and they see it. A bluff at the Poker table does not work when everyone can see it is a bluff. I think Frank thinks he is being sharp. Maybe not so much. I would love to see Mike and his brother go out together on a pick sometime.

  36. Walter Wasyluk

    We love the show !the wife and I build ratrods for fun so we like to pick so we went to your store in knashville tn this week and it suckered it is smaller than you make it sound on TV plus the lady that works there is not there it is a tourist trap 80%of stuff in store not for sale we were very disappointed glad we had more stuff to do that day ! a wast of trip

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Those ratrods sound amazing, Walter. Lauren works here in Nashville five days a week, sorry you missed her. If you couldn’t find anything for sale, you must have only been looking at Mike’s personal collection pieces. We are part museum, part retail and want everyone to be able to leave with a little something. We hope you come back soon because new picks are always coming in!

  37. Walter Kelly

    I was traveling after my separation from my long term girlfriend,, and just wanted to see the Great America I had read about and watched on TV,,,I had purchased a new Black Corvette convertible,,in Sioux Falls ,SD,,I flew in and picked it up and started my tour,,,,I can’t remember where I was,,,it was October of 2011,,,,,I pulled up to a red light in the left lane and read Antique Archeology on the side of this van ,,I read it and thought,,,WHAT A DOOFUS,,,then I saw Mike looking at my car,,,he gave me a thumbs up and I thought,,,Well,,who ever they are ,,,they are nice,,,it was sometime much ,I was flipping through the channels and saw the show,,,I watched it for a while and then saw the van,,,,I laughed out loud,,,,,,Literally,,,, I don’t know of any episodes I have missed,,,,,,He and Frank put on a great program,,, interesting and informing,,,especially for two ,,,,Doofuses,,,,,,,LOL,,,,Walter Paul Kelly Jr Petal,Ms

  38. Ste

    I’ve been watching your show on and off over the years from the UK,and am watching a recorded episode as I type this.Decided on visiting your website expecting to see a vast amount of “Americana”.Just being honest,but I am unbelievably disappointed,all I was met with was, as you no doubt know, was a promotional merchandising stall you expect at a concert.Bitterly disappointed.Fair play though,there wasn’t one thing you forgot to sell that you couldn’t put “antique archaeology” on, and I’m pretty sure you thought of everything.

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Hello to the UK! We often get this question from people who have never visited the shops and we’re happy to answer it. Both LeClaire and Nashville shops are packed floor to ceiling with picks– looks just like a honey hole but a bit more organized. While some picks are Mike’s personal collection from the show, many are indeed for sale! The reason they are not available online is because by the time we take their photo, upload it into the database, and price it, it’s already sold. We have a few picks online, but it’s nothing like experiencing it in person. Cash in on some vacation and come see us!

  39. Tony DePersio

    Great show. I’ve always enjoyed walking through old abandoned buildings looking at what’s been left behind.

    1. Eleanor

      Mike and Frank….PLEASE PUT ON GLOVES WHEN YOU ARE RUMANGING AROUND OLD STUFF…A brown recluse spider bite is a bummer,.,. Met a guy at dr office that had his hand bandaged

  40. DMZABO

    Honey Badger!

    My favorite saying on the show.
    Love watching you good folks do what you do.
    Keep on picking!

  41. Matt

    I would love to purchase things you have picked. The problem is I am not going across the country to purchase and drive back. Please explain your policy so I can understand. Matt W

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      Hi Matt– They move so fast that we can’t keep an accurate online database for them. That’s why Once you get here, picks are only available in store in Nashville and LeClaire. When you find something you like, we’ll help you figure out the best shipping options. Sounds like you’re about to go on a road trip! Hope to see you soon.

  42. Kenny Kaiser

    Have you ever heard a song that was immediately a hit in your mind. The last one for me was Smooth by Santana. Well it works with TV shows also. I forget who turned me on to American Pickers but it was about 3 years ago. I saw it was going to be on one night and said to myself, “Why not try it.” I did and am hooked for life. I didn’t appreciate history in my younger years but love history in my 70s. Had I loved history in my younger years I’d have a barn and several out building for Mike and Frank to go through. I’m on a tight fixed income and no transportation. I’m saving as much as I can to buy a car so I can go to LeClaire and Nashville. That’s my goal before I’m too old to go anywhere. I never miss a chance to watch your show. The only competition you have is when the Cubs are playing. Favorite show might be when Danielle found the family member of a Purple Heart and presented it to him. As a veteran myself I had a few tears during that show. And there are other shows that Mike and Frank buy a piece of history and give it to a place where it should be. Too long now but keep up the great work and keep on Pickin’ and a Grinnin’.

  43. Danny Wagner

    I really enjoy watching and have learned from you guys, just a little sad I can’t buy things I see picked when I’m out of range, by mileage, that I’d like to buy:(

  44. Paula Jarvis Cochran

    I enjoy ur show. u were in my neighbor a couple weeks ago, Marietta In. My husband & I used to own the mom & pop grocery store there. There used to be a Red Mans lodge on the 2nd floor. When we were there, there was still pieced carpet on the floor and chairs around the walls. Our 10 years there are great memories now. I like to binge watch ur show, I’m on the 4th hour now. Thank u for providing me with good entertainment. I really enjoy Frank, Lauren, Dave, Robbie andDanny!!!

  45. Andrea Bear

    When will the next season of American Pickers start? The bonus buys shows are great, but looking forward to some fresh, new shows. Thank you.

    1. Larry Snow

      Hi Mike and Frank,
      Wanted to let you guys know about a great auction coming up on Oct. 14, 2017. I know you all do not normally attend auctions but there is some killer stuff in this auction. Old cars(LaSalle, Franklin, Ford Tmodel , a lot of architectual salvage, a very rare hand carved folk art
      table showing a ferris wheel, sawing wood, a complete hand carved carnival with all the rides(one of a kind) actually needs to be in a museum although I plan to buy it to keep if possible. This sale is 3/4 generations of collecting. The family operated a salvage and junk yard here for 40 years( the Aust family). Mrs. Evelyn Aust is the owner(87 years old) still driving and going strong . Try to come by if possible even you don’t attend the auction(I could bid for you guys if interested). No problem to do that for you all. The location is Pulaski, Virginia not far off I-81 near Roanoke, Va and N.C. Anyway this is stuff you definitely want to look at. There is also several cars parked outside that would make good parts cars. Feel free to call me at 540-235-4876 about this collection. Take care and hope to hear from you all. Larry Snow

  46. Bruce

    I wrote a song-poem about the picker guys awhile ago and sent it to “you”. No reply, so thought I’d do it this way instead. Then on one of the shows where Mike and Frank were in the van, Mike started to compose a song for them. Well, it was more in the style of a “younger” mind, so this 74 year old’s (72 at the time) attempts were probably not hip enough. Anyway, here it is again…for what it’s worth…
    They’re All American Pickers
    that is what they do
    Pickin’ ‘mong your trash and treasure
    trying to make a buck or two
    They’re All American Pickers
    Mike and Frank are their name’s
    Always ready to make a fair offer
    Never putting one over or —
    playing any games…’cept for the rare ones
    they find hidden away
    And we can’t fail to mention
    that lady named Danielle
    Back at the office working hard —
    selling and finding leads
    Sending the fella’s near and far
    helping them to succeed…
    as All American Pickers

    Bruce Kliewe

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      BRUCE!! You wrote this? Better than what we could do… 😉 This means a lot that you did this. Please come see us soon so we can thank you face to face! Keep on pickin brother.

  47. Michael Milner

    I’ve watched Mike & Frank wheel & deal a few times over the last couple years. I am a product of the 50’s myself who remembers the 60’s & 70’s well. I’m impressed with the knowledge the huys have, & the wisdom to stay quiet to learn things from the people they deal with. Many people today violate the rap with nothing new or worth saying, but not these guys. The thing that most impresses me is the honesty they both display. I’ve seen several times when the owner of a piece had no idea what the current value of their item is worth & ask for a couple dollars for something worth hundreds of dollars, & they don’t take advantage of their inexperience, & step up with a price that about floors the owner. Respect the Rust. Yeah, but respect the people will guarantee the success of “Antique Archaeology.” SWEET PICKIN BOYS!

  48. EverettVak

    It s like you are I my marriage or something. The hubs LOVES American Pickers; I ve been following you ever since you first got a blog! He and I are notoriously late when we travel because we HAVE to go via back roads, cotton foelds, broken barns, and roadside cafes or bust. Don t get me started on flea markets. And when we can t agree, we turn to therapy : the Antiques Roadshow. So wish we could been in Tennessee for thus spontaneous combustion of fireballs!

  49. Eden

    It s like you are I my marriage or something. The hubs LOVES American Pickers; I ve been following you ever since you first got a blog! He and I are notoriously late when we travel because we HAVE to go via back roads, cotton foelds, broken barns, and roadside cafes or bust. Don t get me started on flea markets. And when we can t agree, we turn to therapy : the Antiques Roadshow. So wish we could been in Tennessee for thus spontaneous combustion of fireballs!

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