It’s all rock ‘n’ roll for the “American Pickers!” In HISTORY’s hit series, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are on a mission to recycle America and restore forgotten relics while learning a thing or two about American history along the way. In an all-new episode airing Monday, July 8 at 8PM ET/PT, during HISTORY’s third annual Car Week, the pickers meet their rock ‘n’ roll idols and the legendary band, Aerosmith, for the big delivery and reveal of their authentically restored original tour van in Las Vegas, Nevada. Last season, viewers watched as the guys headed out on a cross-country trek in search of the holy grail of rock ‘n’ roll relics and tackled the painstaking preservation of Aerosmith’s iconic tour van. Now with a personal visit from the rock stars themselves, viewers will witness Aerosmith’s reaction and retelling of some of their most cherished memories while on tour.

American Pickers: “Aerosmith Van”
Premieres Monday, July 8 at 8pm ET/PT on HISTORY 
Fans can binge watch the previous three episodes featuring Aerosmith and the van before the new episode premieres on July 8 from 5:00-8:00pm ET/PT.

For access to an advanced press screener visit the A+E Networks Press Center at http://press.aenetworks.com.

View more info about the Aerosmith van here: www.history.com/news/american-pickers-aerosmith-van

“American Pickers” is produced by Cineflix’s subsidiary American Pickers 10 Productions Inc. Charles Tremayne, Michael Swanhaus and Mike Wolfe serve as executive producers and Mary Swanhaus serves as co-executive producer for Cineflix. John Verhoff serves as executive producer for HISTORY.


Heather Pastorini, HISTORY
(212) 210-9760


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  1. Denise

    Saw Aerosmith in Vegas last weekend and the iconic van was on display in the lobby before the show. A photo op was available (at additional cost of course) but it was great to see it up front and personal! (Of course I got my own pics of it.) 😊🎸

  2. Robert Allen Charlton

    Thank you for what you all do to restore history. I am from Canada and I realy enjoy your show. I really like how you give back to History what History has given us. Again Thank you vdry much to all of you.I really enjoy watching your show keep up the great job. Robert Charlton

  3. michael macelletti

    great show. would be really nice tohave a complete collection of them. they,re sort of , keepers, you know.

  4. Deb Marquis

    Absolutely love your show. Such an educating experience learning the history of the pieces ya’ll pick. I have come to see the beauty in items that I used to view as junk. Also, love the family camaraderie between all of you. Will visit one of your two stores one day. It is on my bucket list.
    Keep Pickin,

  5. James Dobbins

    I watch your show religiously since it aired and I think this will be something that everyone has to see, CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  6. Jim Wass

    I’m Really looking forward to the Reveal of Aerosmith’s Original Tour van Reveal. I’m just up the road in Coralville and have been to your store quite a few times with friends of mine around the USA. Met Mike and Dani about 6 years ago. Keep on trucking and hope to make it to the Nashville store soon.

  7. Kevin Hartlaub

    Love the show have not missed any episodes
    This one I have been waiting for Love Aerosmith ! Will be a must see

  8. merv storey

    Just shows that giving the road time it pays you back with incredible finds like this!
    Must be a hell of a battery recharge to say the least to make a discovery of this kind.

  9. Ken Skeen

    Hi Pickers! Oh how long I have watched and enjoyed…even re-runs! The Aerosmith episodes are flat awesome! As a 78+ year old rocker, (I could be “picked” myself!), I LOVED following the Aerosmith van episodes. Can hardly wait to see the “REVEAL”! I’ll wear one of my Picker Tee’s, my scarf, mug full and lean back and enjoy the memories. You all keep smilin’! Cherish the past, because the present stuff is JUNK!

  10. Steven Bowler

    Love your show, love this project! So awesome bringing back a piece of American Band History! Why isn’t Mefford in this picture…..love that guy!

      1. Brian

        But why wasn’t Mefford with Mike, Frank and Danielle at the reveal? It seemed wrong not to have him there as the band shared all their memories.

  11. Mike preble

    Way to go Mike and Frank epic pick.
    game changer for you guys
    You’ve come along way since the Philip Morris guy.

  12. Alex Barrie

    As an avid ‘Pickers’ watcher, can’t wait for the new episodes to air here in the UK. Keep it going guys, it’s a helluva show!


    What a truly awesome experience for you all ! Its so cool to see how far American Pickers has come to be. This show always makes me feel comfort no matter what is going on in my life! Thanks Mike,Frank,Dani and Crew!

  14. Bradford J. Renderman

    I don’t know who I am a bigger fan of Mike, Frank or Dani, (O.K. Dani). I have seen every episode of American Pickers and followed Dani since day one. I had just got out of the Air Force in 1970. That was the year Aerosmith started. I am a big Aerosmith fan.

  15. George Peipi

    Love the show here in Australia we have so many places here that have old items. Keep it up you guys only so many shows I watch on the tele and your show is on the top of my list😊

  16. Linda Patterson

    I have watched the show since day one! I visited the store in Nashville and loved seeing the things I saw y’all pick but was disappointed I didn’t see any of the pickers or staff on TV. Thanks for filling my days with entertainment. Can’t wait for the Aerosmith reveille.

  17. Jodi

    Saw the episode where they first saw the van and then went to Vegas to see the band and the van in the hotel ,it was awsome ,can’t wait to see the new show the 8th. Love you guys.

  18. Danny Jones

    Love watching your show. You bring back a lot of memories with the stuff you find. Hope the show never ends .

  19. Robert Ball

    The pickers made a find that should be in the rock and roll hall of fame. Great job guys. It’s not always about the dollar things like this are here now so my children can see them and that’s only because these two guys out history in front of money and to me that says everything I need to know about them..great job keep it up

  20. Don Holmes


  21. Marleen A. Price

    Mike, Frank, Dani, Loren

    First of all I am
    sorry if I miss spelled anyone’s name. I watch your show all the time even reruns. I met Loren when I was
    in Nashville. I even have a picture of us together. I have decorated my home with vintage and antique furniture. It is nicely
    done not an over kill. Love you guys, don’t ever go away.
    Marleen in Seattle, WA

  22. Leo sullivan

    Rock on love the show an have learned alot thank you for your saving treasures some just think its junk im a picker an a shipper.

  23. Thomas Brown

    History of this country is its ability since its founding to build. The 50 States we have become were built by people who came her to seek a better life.The City’s ,the homes.automobiles and thousands of other items show case that desire.American Pickers in its name is what all our fore fathers choose,they came to America,they picked the USA to call home.It sure defies logistically to count the many thing we have invented.Every week this show displays the vast amount of this History,its not always about the money,its that desire to have a better life.This program shows all of us what we are capable of,and what we will have in the future.Every one who watches this show has said,”Hey”,I had or have one of those.For sure we all have said ,I would” love tho have that’!!The best thing i enjoy are the people we get to meet every week,there knowledge of there collectables is always amazing.Thank you for all you do, I watch very little on the television,PBS,History Channel and Baseball is about it,and of course AMERICAN PICKERS !!

  24. Daniel Sherrill

    Thank you again Mike, Frank, and Dani for such a great program. Been watching and totally enjoying every episode since the beginning. Can’t wait to see the Aerosmith Van Reveal. I been telling everyone about it since you discovered it and began working on it. Wish I had time to go to Vegas and check it out up close and personal. What a blast it must be to meet and work with one of our generations greatest rock bands. Keep chipping away at that stone and thank you fro sharing your travels and great ideas. Visalia, CA can’t get enough.

  25. Robert McClafferty

    I wonder what Steven said. Did any famous rockers congratulate the team on the pick and restoration ?

  26. Glen Henderson

    I watched the episode. I could see the band members were taken back to a time before the fame, just reminiscing
    where they began. They really seemed to be soaking up the memories it awoke, nothing fake just for tv. Good job by Mike, Frank and the team.

  27. Vicki Hollenberg

    I love the band Aerosmith so when Frank and Mike found that van I loved following the story to the final episode where they gave the completed van to the band. In that episode I could tell the band were slipping back in time when they were checking out the van, There was one shot where Joe Perry is lounging across the front of the van inside. Just looking at his relaxed position you just knew that was “his” spot back in the day. So he was just taking “his” spot like he did back when they were traveling around in the van. It looked like he was was just slipping into a favorite pair of jeans he looked so comfortable. That shot showed how connected that band was to that van.

  28. Bob W

    Agree with your assessment. That’s what I noticed. The guys were real, genuine. I could imagine a flood of memories released by just seeing that van and touching something so central to their beginnings. Even the sound of the sliding door triggered a smile for the band mates. Proof of how long they toiled in this van before they made it.. thanks American Pickers. Wish I lived close to the stores because I would be a buyer of so much you guys find that trigger my memory of my past. Cheers.

  29. Bruno Teves

    Great find!
    Saw it yesterday gere in Portugal.
    Just love your work and also get inspired by your TV show.

    Take also a look at my Dad Cars restorations on Facebook look for (by teves).

    Your truly fan

    Bruno Teves

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