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Summer is a season of wanderlust and exploration. You truly never know what’s beyond the treeline or exit sign. While you are out on the open road, whether with family or friends,  there are always a few things you need to have to make you comfortable. Rock stars call them riders, we road trip warriors simply call them essentials.

Now, if you’ve ever visited Antique Archaeology, in Nashville, chances are you’ve heard a few of the employees singing while they work. That’s because most of them are musicians. (Gasp! Musicians working in Music City USA…) Since the employees are all well-seasoned travelers often out touring and playing shows when they’re not in the shop, we thought we’d ask them what classifies as a road trip essential for them while on the open road. Of course, Mike has a little experience on the road as well and shares his most important essentials too.

Here’s what everyone had to say.

Lauren, manager: “I like to mix classy with country… Perrier and corn nuts. We will definitely be chompin’ and swiggin’ on those if you hit the highway with me.”

Meghan, art director: “I am going to go with Mad Libs. As one of the resident parents representing here, this is an essential to keep the whining kiddos entertained in the car for at least 15 minutes, and is actually funny for mom and/or dad too.”

Matt, manager“Squished peanut butter sandwiches, raisins that were definitely grapes last week, melted chocolate licked off your jeans.”

Lillie, sales + local musician: “My road trip essentials would be full length Fleetwood Mac albums on repeat and an endless supply of Reese’s Cups.”

Kat, sales + local musician: “I’m also going to stay classy and say toilet paper. You never know when you need to go! Road tip: Open both your passenger front door and passenger back door so you squat in the middle without anyone seeing! Plus you can lean against the car if you have weak quads!”

Sarah, marketing assistant: “I always end up on road trips with multiple cars, so there is always a set of walkie talkies complete with corresponding code names.  I swear by ‘would you rather’ cards. One of the fastest ways to pass time and bond in the small space. Coffee, camera, clean socks.”

Dave, pick manager: “The most important thing to have with me when out on the road is some extra time. It’s important to talk to people in new places and find out the best places to eat, visit, see, ect. Getting off the beaten path is a must! Also, always have snacks and a minimum of one AC/DC album”

Shelbi, sales + local musician“Well, one of my must have road trip items is Big League Chew bubble gum. Also, for about the last three years or so I haven’t gone on a road trip without having Vülfpeck’s discography on repeat, more importantly “My First Car” and more recently “Thrill of the Arts.” I also always buy a disposable camera on any road trip. Phones are cool but there’s something nostalgically touristy about disposable cameras.”

And Of Course….

Mike: “In all my years on the open road, I’ve seen many changes in scenery, technology, and vehicles, but what never changes is the need for good music. A great melody, relatable lyrics and killer guitar riffs set the mood, and are the soundtrack to the stories we create on every adventure. Whatever style of music keeps you going, take it with you wherever you go. Check out some of the playlists we have made to keep you company behind the wheel.”




Tell us your back road essentials in the comments below. Happy trails out there!

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21 thoughts on “Road Trip Essentials: Nashville Crew”

  1. Kenneth Skeen

    What a great set of answers. In my business days, I traveled (drove) some 2 million miles in my 48 year quest for the gold. Gotta’ go with Lillie. No GOOD rock, no good miles! A killer stereo system is a must…plus the Reese’s PB cups! Then my always take (TP too) is a good heavy face cloth wet in a ZipLoc. Saved me many spills and “oooppps”! Then pack in the greatest ’60’s to’80 R & R CD’s you can find…Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Lynrd Skynrd, and the beat goes on! Your back to back shows demand I stay up to watch always! Good pickin’!

  2. Robert

    WOW, your music list is great. I like all the songs in “TWO LANE SUMMER PLAYLIST”. I downloaded instantly to my phone. Thanks for sharing.
    And I like this quote “Whatever style of music keeps you going, take it with you wherever you go” throughout the article. It’s like the maxim of life. I’ve bookmarked your site, will visit often. Have a nice day !

  3. william howard

    I am on the road everyday transporting people to medical appointments, dialysis clinics, and the like. Some of my clients would rather just suffer in silence. Others like to hear rock and roll from the 50’s thru the 70’s. I am glad to accomodate them, and we just rock down the road together. Silence is boring.

  4. Lorraine Weiler

    I love you guys up here in Hanover, Ontario, Canada. When you 2 do a pick, you give a history on the item. This really interests me. I never got into the real history of our country, Canada, but I do take a real interest in the history of an item like a 1940s vehicle or a lamp made in 1925 or a very early radio or telephone. THAT is the history I am interested.

  5. Jan Bonham

    Good music, tp, at least a gallon of water, a case of 24 bottles of water, a small cooler to keep said bottled water cold, a dog dish, and Sunshine. Sunshine, while nice to travel in, is an absolute essential to travel with. Sunshine is my dog! Gotta have your best friend along.

  6. Leigh Osborne

    First I must say I love you all. My road trip must play list is INXS. All day all the way, can’t start my ride without.

  7. Mitch

    Beef jerky, diet coke, TP, music or audio book, sense of adventure and absolutely no plan. My daughter and I go cruising about once a month and take turns choosing which direction to turn. Usually turns into 5-6 hours. We will stop and take pictures of anything different or to read any historical marker. It is the journey, not the destination.

    1. RtG

      Ditto Mitch,
      beef jerky is a must (preferably homemade). The wife and I used to load up the girls for Indiana on a Tank of Gas once or twice a month.
      No particular destination just a direction. Those were good times! Just thinking about has my motor rev’d up. Drive thru any small town,roll the windows down,crank these speakers on 10 🙂

  8. kevin crable

    Keep on trucking hope u can stop by on way to Mississippi or on way back have a list of items u would like & would love too show u my harley but as of now its n.f.s.

  9. Robert Tidd

    First, I love the show. I have been picking over 50 years and have jumped into the van and just drove off. I have my go box ready at any time. 2 changes of clothes, hat, coat, flash light extra battery, rope, duct tape, snacks lots of snacks, baby wipes, gloves, locking cash box bolted to the floor,the greatful Dead and road trip play list. A must is today GPS, and location of the chamber of commerce. The Barber Shop and feed store are always a wealth of information. Books on tape and Anteques other Road show on your laptop. Resurch is the key to a GOOD BUY so you don’t end up a Good By thanks for the cash .

  10. Jeanette Agnew

    OUR small townofFloyd,Virginia is known world wide for what happens every Friday night . There is a thing known as “THEFRIDAY NIGHT JAMBAREE”, it consist of ordernairy people bringing their banjos, fiddles, mouthharps,bases, or whateverit is that they play into town . As you walk the street Rt.8, you will find them gathered between yhe buildings, in theold barbershop, on the street itself, each group playing the oldtime instruements just like they used to do years ago. Inside of THE COUNTRY STORE, youwillhave topay $5. to get in there ( need to get thereearly ) to hear the ones thathave madea name for themselves.Sometimes you willeven find a senator or former governor playing along with them,no one is ever disappointed!! Upthe stree is another place that you willhave to make reservations to getin,ODDFELLOWS CANTINA at 110 N.Locust St.(rt.8) 540-745-3463, as they have bands from different places each night and space is limited.This is also a restaurant. OTHER places to eat on same street include a Mexican ,El Charr o, that you enter down behind, up on street. is Dogtown Roadhouse. Other places to eat includes Mickey G’s, an Italian place further east on Rt.8 just as you come into town from Christiansburg,I 81,further west where Rt.8 and Blue Ridge Parkway cross is Tuggles Gap Restaurant and motel. Back in town there is a place that has been known for years, but has shortened it’s hours is the BLUE RIDGE RESTUARANT, on 221 N. ,on past it is Hardee’s, and go another block you will find Floyd Express Mkt.,salads,sandwiches, hotdogs, etc. as well as gas, from there you can see DJ’s drive in, Subway, and behind it is Pizza Inn. If you go on down 221 about 3 miles you will find the Pine Tavern Resturant and Motel.Just down road from there is Ray’s Resturant and Lounge Come and join us, I promise you will not be disappointed, in fact most people cannot wait for the next time they can come.

  11. Tim cosgrove

    Just finishing a road trip to Nova Scotia. Might seem like the end of the world but really just a bit east and north of Maine. This place is loaded with picks. I didn’t have my truck with me or it would be loaded. One special spot is the old general store in Earlville NS. The place is closed up and weeded in pretty good. Wouldn’t be suprised to find it full of stuff. Some rusty old signs are still on the side of the place and any picker worth their salt would have grabbed these sonI suspect the inside is still intact when it was buttoned up. I have a photo of it if you want….good pickin’….

  12. Howard Reading

    Hi Mike &Frank love your. Show but Australia needs up date shows I am a small picker I have many ltems oil stuff plus old country ltems and a lot of tin petrol signs thank you Howard

  13. Tom critter

    My girlfriend Chris was recently on Vaca with her girlfriends to nashville. I begged her to find time to visit your store. she did and loved it. We watch the show together and totally enjoy it. She got me the best gifts of your merchandise that I will truly treasure. My only nay regret is that
    Laurin was too busy in the back to come up front. I really wanted a picture of her and my girl tgther.

  14. MANDA D.

    There was a time when my road trip must-haves included only a few items: favorite tunes (which sometimes included songs recorded straight from the radio on a cassette tape), Dr. Pepper, Red Vines or Reese’s Cups, a pack of smokes & a desire to just go. The California highways and byways and freeways have been the beginning of so many great adventures for me. The most familiar being I-80. It’s been THE freeway in almost every place I’ve called home (with a couple exceptions). The miles between California and Nebraska used to be something I considered a jaunt! 1500 miles from driveway to destination & Rock Springs, Wyoming would be my only overnight stop. I was much younger then. Ha! Though my trip essentials have changed over the years – no more smokes, I don’t have a vehicle with a cassette player (but I still have the tapes!), & I now have a 12-year-old riding shotgun (sometimes)…I’d say my list has improved!
    One thing I’ve learned about Road Trips through the years is that as nice as it is to go to familiar places we love, the excitement of going somewhere you’ve never been before is even better. It doesn’t have to be far away or close to home. It can be anywhere that’s new to you.
    The other thing I’ve learned about Road Trips is that it’s the Two-Lane roads that lead to the coolest places. I’m so glad I found your website…it’s such a relief to know I’m not the only one that thinks the “old” places & “old” things are important. I’ll keep working on giving some new life to the antiques I’ve rescued. And hope I come across even more! This American thanks you for helping preserve our country’s history!

  15. Richard Crowell

    I think I have seen all your shows at least three times and I still enjoy them. It seems like there is nothing but shows about sex or something else that is disgusting to watch on TV for the past several years. Your show is a wonderful change of pace. I’m not a picker but I seem to save just about everything that I come across. I may never use what I save but I just can’t seem to throw it away. “It must be good for something”. I guess that’s my motto. Thanks for putting something on TV that is worthwhile.

  16. Patricia B Leonhardt

    Road trip essentials: sirius radio tuned to ch. 19 (Elvis) and ch. 18 (Beatles), a coke polar pop, crunchy cheetos and a hersey chocolate almond bar. Good shoes, or hiking boots. A ravenous curiosity. Humility for conversations with the locals playing chess out front of a gas station. No fear. Prayers for safety and success.

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