The Fourth of July On Main Street

Two Lane Towns Celebrate Independence Day

Here in Nashville, Tennessee, months of planning have been underway for what promises to be one the BIGGEST Fourth of July festivities in the country. We’re blessed to live in a growing city and every year, our fireworks display at Riverfront Park in Nashville gets bigger and draws in even more people. You know how we at Antique Archaeology feel about two lane towns, though. There’s something about the small town July 4th celebrations that we love the most! We don’t know if it’s the simplicity, the people, or the fact that it’s easier to get a great seat for the show, but we love to wander onto Main Street to watch the sky light up in those amazing, patriotic displays! If you’re looking for a two lane town Independence Day, perhaps you can a road trip to one of these:

Bristol, rhode island, small town fourth of july two lanes blog
Bristol, Rhode Island. Photo credit: Ed King

Bristol, Rhode Island

Referred to as “the most patriotic town in the country,” Bristol, Rhode Island has one of the biggest small town parties over Fourth of July weekend. The celebration dates back to 1785 and is believed to have the nation’s oldest July 4th celebration. They also celebrate longer than most towns. Festivities each year start on June 14th on Flag Day.


alameda california fourth of july two lanes mike wolfe
Alameda, California – Zuma Press/Alamy

Alameda, California

At three miles long, Alameda boasts the longest parade route in the country on Independence Day. With 170 floats and up to 2500 participants offering everything from horse ballet to bands to rifle squads, there is plenty of entertainment for the 20,000 onlookers that line the streets of this East Bay town annually.


Bisbee, Arizona.  Picture by Sean Flynn.
Bisbee, Arizona. Picture by Sean Flynn.

Bisbee, Arizona

With our love of all things transportation, we really have a soft spot for this one. The annual Fourth of July Bisbee Coaster Race began in this mining town in 1914. To this day, 9-15 year olds participate in the 1.5 mile long downhill derby while spectators cheer them on. The day is rounded out with mining themed activities like drilling competitions and is wrapped up with fireworks in the evening.

Seguin, Texas. Photo by Harry Benson.
Seguin, Texas. Photo by Harry Benson.

Seguin, Texas

It’s said that everything is bigger in Texas, and this small town’s “big” parade may prove it. The tiny town is home to the “Biggest Small-town Fourth Of July Parade,” and the festivities last for several days. Other activities include craft vendors, food stalls, organized kids games, live music, brewery tours, tastings, and a ‘fireworks fiesta’.

Bar Harbor, Maine - Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Bar Harbor, Maine – Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Bar Harbor, Maine

Who doesn’t love pancakes? Every year, Bar Harbor kicks off their whole jam packed day of July 4th activities with a blueberry pancake breakfast. Other activities include lobster races, concerts, a town parade and a seafood festival all topped off with a fireworks display.

Cooperstown, New York Photo credit:
Cooperstown, New York Photo credit:

Cooperstown, New York

Home to the second-oldest continuously running Fourth of July parade, Cooperstown offers a historical approach to the Fourth of July celebrations.. The Farmers’ Museum celebrates with the sounds of 1776, including muskets blasting with a Militia Muster and a live reading of the Declaration of Independence that takes place on the historic village green. View living history demonstrations and hear traditional 19th century music throughout the day. 

St. Augustine. Photo courtesy of
St. Augustine. Photo courtesy of

St. Augustine, Florida

Known as “America’s Oldest City,” St. Augustine is charming historic town year-round full of trolley tours, historic areas, shops and cafes. On July 4th, The All-Star Orchestra performs in the Plaza de la Constitucion, followed by a massive fireworks display over the ancient Castillo de San Marcos National Monument and the waters of Matanzas Bay.

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

Find a Two Lane Independence Day of Your Own!

If none of these small town celebrations are within road trip distance for your Independence Day Celebrations, no worries. We don’t doubt that a trip down the two lanes closest to your home will lead you to one of our nation’s many main street fairs and fireworks festivals. If you’re looking to get away from crowds, step back in time, or simply see someplace new, we highly recommend the trip!

Have a favorite small town Fourth of July Fest of your own? Join the conversation in the comments below and tell us all about it! 


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    There is this group of people who have existed in Kentucky for as long as anybody can remember. They are called the Mulludgeons.
    They are not white, they are not black, and they are not American Indian. The University of Kentucky did genetic tests about three years ago. The results traced the control group back to five White women from Holland and seven men from North Africa. They are thought to have migrated from Virginia to Kentucky some time in distant past.

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