My Two Lanes brand is all about authenticating small town USA, and the best way to do that is to offer products made by the crafty, resourceful people who live there. It didn’t take me long to discover the loving family behind Southern Firefly Company in Nashville. Their eco-friendly candle business does an amazing job of capturing and celebrating the charm of the south through their products, like “Mississippi” that smells like cotton fields and magnolia blooms, to “Georgia” that smells like, you guessed it. Peaches. The candles are hand-poured in Murfreesboro, Tennessee just outside Nashville by the hands of Brandon and Heather Ainsworth and their two children, who I am sure will carry on Southern Firefly as a family legacy. Their shop is in Leipers Fork and I am happy to have them as neighbors.

For a few months we tested different scents, like tobacco smoke and apple orchard, but nothing felt more right to me than the Balsam Fir. The sharp, woodsy scent triggers memories of going on walks in the woods while exploring both uncharted and familiar trails. It’s amazing to have the candle lit in the shop and have people walk through the door and start asking if we sell it. Proud to say, we do.


The family behind Southern Firefly Candle Co. (left to right:
The family behind Southern Firefly Candle Co. (left to right:

The Two Lanes Balsam Fir candle is sold exclusively at both Antique Archaeology stores and on



2 thoughts on “Southern Firefly Company: Lighting up Two Lanes”

  1. Braunda Kuntschik

    Need to check out Gruene Texas and New Braunfels Texas full of Antiques old German towns.Also my brother in law has an old Harley Davidson he hasn’t road in years.Don’t know if he will sale it or not. Keep picking love your show.❤️

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