It’s always important to decompress, slow down, and get back to nature when you are busy like the AA crew. It’s easy to get swept away in  the ever buzzing shop. As a way to close out summer 2015, Mike and Jodi closed the Nashville shop for the day so we could paddle down Middle Tennessee’s popular canoeing spot, the Harpeth River. Here are a few snapshots of our little adventure:

First thing, we broke biscuits at The Southern downtown before climbing into our canoes. Check out Mike’s serious Two Lanes swag!

antique archaeology
Brunch with Mike and Jodi at The Southern in Nashville


Anyone wanna guess how many selfies we attempted to fit our faces in the frame?


Antique Archaeology crew
The Antique Archaeology Nashville Team



Jodi Wolfe and our shop singer, Lillie Syracuse, lead our gang down smooth (and seriously shallow!) waters.


canoeing in nashville
Canoing in the Harpeth River


“We live in a world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There’s no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” Jawaharlal Nehru


Harpeth River
Harpeth River View



Tell us about your summer 2015! What did you explore and discover? Let’s read about them in the comments below.




10 thoughts on “Summer Sign off with the Antique Archaeology Crew”

  1. Peggy- Hough Lake

    What a wonderful line you must have all had. And a wonderful day to do it.
    I will look forward to watching the Pickers new shows as well as the repeats. I still get great ideas of what to do with my finds.
    I found and old Coco Cola cooler and am trying to get a buy from them.
    Thanks for your new letter Meghan. Hello to the two best picker around.

    Margaret Lake (aka) Peggy Hough Lake.

  2. Tommy Stowe

    Great pics, my wife and i were in nashviie back in august.stayed at the gaylord went to the opray and saw Elo in concert great show! If any of you have the chance to see them in concert it will be well worth the money! Also got to visit the nashville store totally Loved it as i’m a huge fan of the show! Had hoped to see Mike but he was filming! Pic on guys! Tommy.

  3. carolyn adams

    hi guys ,I sure would LOVE to see your van drive up in my yard .I have a metal building , an old mill building , the shop and half of my two car garage full ,. and things in the house . I have no idea what all is in any of the out buildings , and stuff in the house . there several trunks in the mill building , an early Edison dictating machine that used wax cylinders , just to mention two items i know I have . I have been a fan of y’all and have watched your show for several years and have seen you buy some things that I have . this being in the country , you would probably find several places for free styling . PLEASE COME VISUT MY PLACE . you will find me easy going and very hospitable and easy to get along with
    thanks so much for listening, and I really hope to see you soon ( at your convenience of course )

  4. Ron

    I did a bit of uk pickin’ in 80’90’s including a lockup of seaside shop stuff but got stuck with a lot of it too. Still got a couple of boxes of plastic kids clackers, old wooden giant woodworking clamps, all my dads photography stuff dating back to the fifties. I live in a trailer so I’ve got o clear it soon as I’ve been treated for prostate cancer for 5 yrs now, psa is .003 but better prepare

  5. Jim Ehnstrom

    I see you and Frank come across a lot of old cars etc. Love em. If you ever get up in my country (in the summer time) Rush City Mn. give me a shout. I have some old stuff, besides myself.

  6. Daisy Barnes

    I have one of the first Dodge Magnum/XE from 1978, for 37 years old it’s in fairly good shape. Purchased new in NY, same year, one person owner, never been wrecked, only 52K-miles, I don’t know what went wrong with it it keep stopping and nobody could seem to find out what the real problem was so I parked it. It’s been sitting for about 7 years. just starting to rust a little, but the paint is still pretty fantastic. It’s white, did have half red Vynil top but the red Vynil is no longer. Red inside, bench seat in back, bucket seats in front, basic. could be good restoration project for someone. I have a friend suppose to be coming down from North Carolina, he say he’s intrested in it, restoring cars is his hobby.

    1. Steve

      The Chrysler products of this era had a lean burn system on them. I believe it was/is an ignition module of some sort. They were a problem when they got about 60000 miles on them. I remember this from 2 brothers having mid 70’s Chryslers. Good Luck

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