Believe it or not, you’ve probably heard one of our new favorites, singer/songwriter Lilly Winwood, when she was featured on a Hershey’s commercial, with her pop, legendary musician Steve Winwood, singing his hit – “Higher Love”.

We asked Lilly what drew her to the project and she replied, “I obviously loved the message behind the Hershey’s commercial because I felt like I connected with it on a deeper level. Growing up my dad would be on tour working and I wouldn’t get to see him as much as I’d like to, so it was nice to bond over something so simple, for us it was music – as it was to Scarlett and her dad in the commercial.”

She’s gearing up to record her first EP here in Nashville, so be sure to follow her on Facebook to keep up with her gigs and latest news.

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6 thoughts on “Take a Listen: Lilly Winwood”

  1. Derek

    Back in the 80s while cruising in my Firebird on long trips, I would constantly be scanning the radio stations waiting to hear this and other Steve Winwood and Bruce Hornsby & The Range songs. Hearing them today still brings back fond memories. Hearing Lily’s version even brings a tear. She knocked it out of the park…beautiful song and voice. Well done. Godspeed.

  2. Ronnie

    I love how in the add that both Scarlett and her dad want to be together and the creative way she makes it happen.
    Your voices blend so well together and it is such a good combination of music and visuals.

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