The Americana Music Triangle

Where History Made Music…And Then Music Made History

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The Americana Music Triangle is the trio of driving trails connecting the history and culture of the music in the south, winding through the some the two lane towns we love the most. Whether you’re a history buff, and music lover, or like me, you’re both, the American Music Triangle is destination heaven! It’s “where history made music… then music made history” so much so that there are 9 distinct genres that arose from this one section of the southern US.

I could go on all day about the must see spots traveling triangle, but check the sampling below! I’m guessing it’s enough to inspire you to get behind the wheel and hit some of these roads. And do yourself a favor when you’re planning your time on the Americana Music Triangle. Make sure you plan a stretch on the Natchez Trace. You will not regret it, and it’s a Mike Wolfe favorite road to roam.

mike wolfe, antique archaeology, leclaire, american pickers, vintage tee, vintage home decor, nashville music, pickin corner, backroads travel blog
Alabama Can’t Miss – The Little Ryman In Tuscumbia
Jackson Highway Recording Studio Sheffield AL
Jackson Highway Recording Studio Sheffield AL
mike wolfe, antique archaeology, leclaire, american pickers, vintage tee, vintage home decor, nashville music, pickin corner, backroads travel blog, americana music triangle
Fall in love with the people of Memphis Tennessee
mike wolfe, antique archaeology, leclaire, american pickers, vintage tee, vintage home decor, nashville music, pickin corner, backroads travel blog, americana music triangle
Take if from a local. Rotiers is a can’t miss!
McCrory's General Store in Dyess, Arkansas
McCrory’s General Store in Dyess, Arkansas
mike wolfe, antique archaeology, leclaire, american pickers, vintage tee, vintage home decor, nashville music, pickin corner, backroads travel blog, americana music triangle
Stunning buildings still stand in Farrell Mississippi

These images courtesy of the Americana Music Triangle online. See many more and plan your trip on their site here. 

Keep up the with happenings on the triangle by following them on Facebook here.


21 thoughts on “The Americana Music Triangle”

  1. Megynne

    I love your show!! And I think you are so blessed to hear the stories and share them with your fans.
    Everyone of you is awesome. Keep up the good work and keep on rolling!!!

    Stay safe!!!

  2. Tom Langford

    Dear Mike and Frank,
    Love the program. Keep up the great work! We planned a trip to Galena and had to include LeClaire, Ia as a part of the vacation. Pics were taken in front of the “old” building and Nash auto. It was early on in the construction of the new building so it’s fun seeing the completed product.
    We old timers remember many of those ancient picked items and only wish we would have saved them way back when (of course we knew they’d be valuable one day!!).
    Safe travels,

  3. Sharon

    I love your new site and blog, especially this one – my hubby and I are visiting Nashville the second week of June, so excited!! We are both huge fans of American Pickers and can’t wait to visit your Nashville store, a few things will no doubt be returning home to Toronto with us!! Thank you for taking us along on your travels!!

  4. Mike TREECE. Sr.

    I certainly want to travel those roads one day. Mike and Frank, thank you for bringing us a small slice of the true America we all yearn to see

  5. Mary S. Brown

    Loved your show from the beginning. I have learned so much history and love the people you visit. Each one’s story is special. On a tour to Nashville TN we toured your store. I am from the Northwest corner of Georgia, “plum” out of Tennessee and “nelly” in Alabama. Looking forward to more antique archaeology. Stay safe.

  6. Floyd Baughman

    I have old glass lens for cars back in the 20-30 Headlights and tail light lens also have assorted other auto parts and want to sell out due to my health. Have trim parts lens for GM. nos GM Ford. Have picture of Tucker and the car.

  7. Michael Garrity

    Thanks for posting up about this area—–this sounds like a roadtrip that I surely need to make. I am a big “fan” of Americana and American Roots Music. This genre in recent years, has become my preferred and favorite style of music.

    Roseanne Cash, daughter of Johnny did a version of this trip, hitting many of the places in these areas that were her daddy, the late great Johnny Cash, had spent his life either growing up in, living, traveling and making his music over the course of his career.

    She said that it almost seemed possible to “feel” all the memories and ghosts of the things her daddy had experienced and so influenced his music.

    I think that for any true fan of this most American of music styles, it has to be a “bucket list” type of thing to make a trip to cover as much of this ground as possible.

    I surely plan to do it myself—probably beginning next year, when I embark upon earning a Masters of Fine Arts in NonFiction from the Sewanee University, University of the South .

  8. Brian Fuller

    Love the show, my brother and I are musical instrument pickers and love when you and Frank find vintage guitars, amps and mics. The season premier show was great finding that old gretch and the fenders, sometimes we see in shows you guys walk right by some cool looking vintage amps? No interest ? Or do you check them out off camera and pass? Love to some day come down to Nashville and check out your place and especially the music room! Yours in picking the boys from Pickin ” n” Grinin

  9. CJ Mayfield

    I soooo love your show. I sooo love all you guys. Oh my gosh and Danni, she is wonderful I love her so much. The only thing that I don’t like, the showmis too short. It could be 2 hours every week. Lol love you all keep having fun.

  10. Lee Watts

    Love the show….love the history, the scenery, the character of the people…seems like all is well with the American the back road trips and in general, your content is a history lesson every time…great show! love your new site…beautifully done. Don’t change a thing. And thanks.

  11. Loren Lesh

    The next time you all are down in the Delta, near Clarksdale, MS – -you should make the pilgrimage to the crossroads of US Hwy 61 and State Route 49. Legend has it that old-time blues great, Robert Johnson put on his highway shoes and headed down Route 61 (trying to flag a ride . . “hitchhike”). When he arrived at Route 49 it was late at night. This is where he sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for the ability to play a fantastic guitar. He then went on to greatness for a few short years until his untimely death. Numerous artists have performed the song CROSSROADS over the years . . . the most famous version was by Eric Clapton. **** And who knows, you might be able to buy some collectibles out of one of the old-time Juke Joints sprinkled through the region. Keep in mind that Hwy. 61 is THE road from the Delta south to New Orleans or north to Memphis. There must be some good picking in that area, and the blues connection will just add to that episode.
    Your fan, Loren

  12. Brian

    Hey loved the show from uk when you went to buy motor cycle you were in his van when he put his ARM ROUUND FRANK HIS FACEMADE ME CRACK UP ARE YOU GOING TO PA THIS YEAR HOPE YOUR BOTH WELL REGARDS BRIAN

  13. James BondsN Geraldine

    Love your show!
    It’s always interesting.
    Like the characters on your show too;
    especially the two hosts. : D
    We live within The Music Triangle,
    North West Alabama just a few miles from The Little Ryman, and Jackson Highway studio. And ‘FAME ‘ Studio is in this area (Muscle Shoals) too. Hope you come back soon to SWEET HOME ALABAMA !

  14. Kerry

    Great travels, yep l know what it takes to get all the productions done to get it to editing to show,,to have a great production team behind you, out surveying your potential picks, and keeping in touch with home base your shops and family and all, writing a Quick deatailed script for everyone to follow on what you all picked ,as most people don’t know what the facts are to filming your picks, so I just wanna say to your crew in the History channel team , great work girls and guys to making as successful show out of what Mike and Frank And Danie and family all do, the show is the best on the feed !
    And when your in and around all the old cotton areas next time try to get a old Juke joint inn and some old Blues people in your picks if you can, just to say, I say because I grew up around the Blues and owned the Blues Brothers vehicle for many years, from the second movie, and am acquainted with Danno and am a honorary member of the XXXL BOYS, Danno created years ago, Just a heck of a guy and a Motorcycle and old car lover too ! But it’s his famous work he does to preserving the history and music of the Blues is what I truly admire him for, he has a Raido Blues station called ( The Blues Mobile ), check it out ! And his Wine that he makes its very cool, but his Skull Vodka it’s killer good, you will just love it, but ya a Blues Pick, would be out of this world if you set one up, We really admire what you all do and the History Channel, just can’t get enough of you all, yaa one day we will get down to raid your shops, just love that old County music, and I am soaked in the old Harp Blues ! All of it !
    AKA The Care Bear
    Member of the XXXL BOYS
    Adam Right
    Just watched your down South pick in Alabama up here in Ontario, Canada, June 18th 2015

  15. Mike Hill

    I love yall’s Show! But wheredo we go to buy the things yy’all have?? Or do you sell anything besides tee shirts or just a few things online?? Let me know please? Cause I would like to see what all y’all have for sell..Thanks! And keep it going..:)

  16. Jean Wise

    Dear Mike And Frank just love the show and even tape it so I don’t miss one love all the stories about people and the roots of some of the pick I live in Avon Indiana and live next to a man you know and has sold you bikes if you come this way I have a few things for you includeing a good homecooked meal (sorry crew only the guys) loved the store in Tennesse and plan a trip to the home store this fall keep up the good work and say hi to your wife and beautiful little girl hope to meet and just talk about things sometime thanks for a great show your pea pickin fan Jean Wise

  17. Tony Taylor

    Learnt so much regarding the History of quality made products from cars to toys, great show guys and girls, made me appreciate the rusty gold. Got me started on collecting vintage cars and sci fi from the sixties and seventies. Love the show may it go on and on.
    Regards Tony
    United kingdom

  18. Jorge

    Dear friends, let me call them “friends” but I do not know personally, both see their TV show, and I feel like my best friends.
    I congratulate them for the work they do. is really wonderful, roll across the country, collecting objects that are part of American history, and incidentally a living. It is a really enviable job.
    My best wishes to you and keep up the fantastic work.
    My greetings to the girls, Danielle and the girl Nashville not remember his name (Ok excuse me!)

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