Lily Sprengelmeyer (who also co-authored Kid Pickers!) and sister Kat Karberg are the indie-folk duo Driftless Sisters.  Both grew up in antique stores just one block away from each other in the midwest’s “driftless” region, hence their fitting name.

In the few short months since they played their first public show, these “almost sisters” have already managed to travel to Canada, where they just wrapped up recording their debut album “Sparks from the Fire”. The two both grew up around Mike, who has been picking dusty gems from their fathers’ antique stores for the last 20 years. They’ll be performing at our Pickin’ Corner in Nashville August 6th at Noon. Check out their new video from the song, “Carry The Lantern”, and download their album HERE.



7 thoughts on “The Driftless Sisters”

  1. Ron P

    Great song from Driftless Sisters lets hope it’s a hit and they get to buy a better house as that one looks like it’s ‘additt mate.
    Ron P.

  2. Jan Ketza

    Love the CD! I listen to it in my art studio and traveling cross country…puts me in a very happy state of mind to create Art!
    Congrats to Lily and Kat…may all your dreams come true.

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