Bring your camera and parka to LeClaire’s Eagle Festival!

If you didn’t know before, you’ll know now! LeClaire, Iowa is one of the best spots in the entire country to view and photograph Bald Eagles. This section of the cold, icy, Mississippi River attracts hundreds of Bald Eagles each year to hunt and nest, thanks to the Woodland Reserve at Lock and Dam 14 just south of LeClaire. And since the secret is out, LeClaire is gearing up for it’s first inaugural Eagle Festival on January 21st and 22nd!

Take in the beauty of the Mississippi and it’s local residents.

The Eagles of LeClaire

Each winter, hundreds of majestic Bald Eagles make LeClaire their winter home, soaring through the skies high above the Mississippi River (read more about the Eagles of LeClaire here). LeClaire’s Eagle Festival offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see our incredible national symbol in its natural habitat while also experiencing live presentations and educational opportunities for all ages, in the warm comfort of the Celebration Center!

Watch as these incredible birds hunt right on the river.

Live Bird Presentations

You’ll get up close and personal with live birds from Wild Bird Sanctuary of St. Louis, MO. Their sanctuary has treated more than 21,000 injured birds and has helped organize conservation efforts on 4 continents. Get a bird’s eye view of the eagles hunting for food with Brian “Fox” Willis and his spotting scope on the Celebration Center’s rooftop patio. Watch as these incredible birds circle and fly above the mighty Mississippi and swoop down to grab their dinner!

Don’t miss the ice sculptures that will be taking shape all weekend!

Admire Icy Art

Another feature of the weekend is sure to impress, thanks to Rob Storm, a local ice carver who will be carving 6 ice sculptures along historic Cody Road. Come see them take shape as Rob cuts and saws through the ice. The finished sculptures will be on display throughout town for all to enjoy.

@codyroadcoffeecompany/ @mrdistilling

Fight Off The Chill

And of course, LeClaire has lots of spots to warm up too! The cold doesn’t stand a chance against the Mississippi River Distilling Company’s heated, outdoor cocktail castles and seasonal drink menu (we recommend trying their Iowish Cream Liquor). And there’s always something cozy and delicious at Cody Road Coffee to help fight off the chill.

So, grab your parka and camera—it’s time to experience LeClaire in the winter. Click here for event schedule and additional information.


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