In 2012, THE GLOW featured a darling write up with just dreamy photography on our two favorites – Jodi + Charlie Wolfe. THE GLOW is a site that glimpses into the world of inspiring and fashionable moms, featuring their “styling ideas, go-to gear, multitasking secrets, and enviable decor.” Perhaps we’re just a teeny-bit biased, but we think you’ll love reading into the world of Mama and Baby Wolfe. -Lauren 

As mom of a twenty-four-year-old and a one-year-old, (now 28yrs and 4yrs) Jodi Faeth has the kind of highly honed mama instincts that come only from a lifetime of mothering. Walking into the sprawling Tennessee home she shares with her husband (and American Pickers star Mike Wolfe) is like traveling back in time—there are vintage motorcycles in the living room and a classic 1960s VW van parked outside. But it’s the home’s enveloping warmth that’s most striking. After a difficult labor and angst-filled year of multiple surgeries to correct a cleft palate, the proud parents are thankful for every healthy day they get to spend with baby Charlie.

Photo Credit: THE GLOW

[Editor’s note: In late December 2013, Jodi was diagnosed with stage 2 Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.] “Believe it or not even vegan, exercising, juicing mama’s get cancer. I was the last one to expect it. Life was everything I could possibly dream of then bam…”

“I think I was more scared to become a mother again at 41 then when I had my son 24 years ago. The first time I was so young, but I also didn’t know any better. I didn’t research strollers, cribs, schools etc. back then. I keep reminding myself that my son turned out just fine and the most important thing I did with him and I will continue to do with Charlie is spend time with them without a phone, iPad or other distractions.

Photo Credit: THE GLOW

“After finding out about Charlie’s condition in utero, we were devastated initially but quickly decided we could handle her birth defect and would embrace it and be strong for her. We were already so in love with this girl that nothing could have changed how we were feeling. When we returned to the doctor, we were advised to take all sorts of tests because once they find one birth defect, your chances of other syndromes are high (and I was forty-one years old at the time). I said no to any and all tests—I knew in my heart Charlie would be healthy, and I decided that I would not let any stress enter my otherwise healthy pregnancy. She was born January 30, 2012, weighing nine pounds four ounces. After my surgery, when I finally got to hold her and count all ten fingers and toes, all the worry was finally over. She was perfect, and we were ready to take on any obstacles she would face. We bonded immediately. She made a fist and shook it at my husband. I think she was mad about how long the whole thing took. At that moment, all of my dreams came true.”

Photo Credit: THE GLOW
Photo Credit: THE GLOW

“Feeding is usually the biggest issue for babies born with clefts. She lost weight right off the bat, but we figured out a solution by cutting a Y in the bottle’s nipple. Mike and I were so proud of her, we told everyone about her cleft and even shot her baby announcement photo with it. We had two surgeries the first year she was born. Those were tough. We are a team, and we stayed together every night at the hospital. Charlie is a strong girl—she even surprised the surgeons and got to go home early. We realize how fortunate we are that we had the resources to get Charlie the best doctors. We became ambassadors of Operation Smile, an organization that provides lifesaving surgeries for children in countries where the resources are not available. Charlie inspires us to be better people, and through this I hope the three of us can make a difference.”

Photo Credit: THE GLOW
Photo Credit: THE GLOW

“I am instilling strong will and confidence in my daughter every chance I get! Being born with a cleft lip and palate, Charlie will have to overcome some obstacles with speech and having a scar above her lip. I tell her every day what a strong, beautiful girl she is on the inside and out. I want my children to be givers, not takers, as that is the greatest expression of self-worth. That is how I will know I did my job right.

Photo Credit: THE GLOW
Photo Credit: THE GLOW

“Giving my husband the daughter we always imagined was by far the most exciting moment for me. We were at a friend’s house a couple years ago listening to their 15 year old daughter play guitar and sing a song she wrote. My husband later told me what a feeling it must be to see your child do something so amazing like that. I thought to myself it was time we get serious about having our own. I wanted that feeling for him.”

Photo Credit: THE GLOW
Photo Credit: THE GLOW

“I didn’t have any drugs the first time around, so I wanted everything as natural as possible with Charlie. We had no idea she would be over nine pounds and that I would be in labor for twenty-eight hours before a C-section was necessary. While I was in recovery from my C-section, my husband showed me a picture of my son holding Charlie for the first time, and Kyle had tears in his eyes. We had gotten the girl we had dreamed about, and my son got the sister he never knew he wanted but fell so in love with. He later told me that he never expected to feel the way he does about his sister and that he will be there for her always.

Photo Credit: THE GLOW
Photo Credit: THE GLOW

Best part of being a mom: “The wet kisses, and the blueberry pancakes in my hair. Kids make you remember your own childhood and how fun being silly can be. Not everything has to be so serious. ”

Hardest part of being a mom: “When your child feels disappointment and frustration in themselves. It’s heartbreaking, it happens as they grow. You have to let them work through it and realize they are individuals with all their own thoughts and feelings. As a mom, you just always want to make things better.”

Photo Credit: THE GLOW
Photo Credit: THE GLOW

“Raising Charlie in Tennessee, she will say ‘Ma’am’ and ‘Sir’. Kids are so polite here; I always loved that about this place! She will know how to dance because everyone does here. I can’t wait to see her out on the wood floor clogging or whatever! She has her own Airstream in our woods she will have overnights in. You can’t do that in the city! She will also realize how important family and community are. The South makes you slow down a bit and keep the important things in perspective.”

Photo Credit: THE GLOW
Photo Credit: THE GLOW

“My husband reminds me that our partnership is what we both believe in and when all the craziness is over it will just be us. I make him feel special by packing little notes and pictures of Charlie and I in his suitcase. He loves them.”

Photo Credit: THE GLOW
Photo Credit: THE GLOW

“I think we both work extra hard communicating and making sure the other person is OK. It’s hard being apart as much as we are and at times I feel like a single parent again. It’s hard for him to be away so much on the road. Charlie makes us work extra hard at all of this knowing we want her to grow up with two parents who not only love her but are so much in love. My husband never had a father around so I know this is something he wants more than anything.

Photo Credit: THE GLOW
Photo Credit: THE GLOW

“Mike had no idea, being a first time parent, that Charile may pee in the bathtub. He was like ‘Now we have to start all over’, and I said ‘Oh no, just pour a cup of water over her and call it a day’. We also used to joke about going to bed and saying ‘See you in 3 hours on the assembly line’. You just have to laugh at the lack of sleep new parents have to adjust to.”

Photo Credit: THE GLOW
Photo Credit: THE GLOW

A Few of Jodi’s Favorite Things…

“Walks through the woods together and Charlie’s baby feet in the creek.”

“Taking naps together when I can feel her breath on my face.”

“When she strums her guitar.”

“Watching her with my 25 year old son, Kyle, it is silliness, admiration and love all at one time.”

“Charlie’s big toe.”

“Happy Hour every Friday at Puckett’s, Leipers Fork, TN. Yes Charlie is expected to come. She is called the FORK baby!”

“My husband dressing Charlie in vintage finds he has picked for her.”

“Dark chocolate and Red wine (of course).”

Photo Credit: THE GLOW
Photo Credit: THE GLOW

“I am definitely already the disciplinarian. With my husband being gone so much, he does not want to touch that. She is a daddy’s girl and I love that for both of them. I am used to saying ‘No’ with my son so it doesn’t phase me.”

Photo Credit: THE GLOW
Photo Credit: THE GLOW

“We take her with us wherever we go now. She went with us to Hawaii for our honeymoon last September and is about to leave for Europe with us for three weeks.

Photo Credit: THE GLOW
Photo Credit: THE GLOW

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131 thoughts on “The Glow: At Home with Jodi + Charlie”

  1. Michele

    Hello I would just like to thankyou for a wonderful read my mother and I are in a small village in perthsire Scotland and watch your programme together every day she is 84 and has terminal cancer but to be honest the hour that we spend watching Mike and frank and Dani is fantastic it brings Big smiles and such laughs at there antics thank you all so much

  2. Judy Horton

    What a wonderful, touching story. It is evident that your family surrounds each other with love.
    I have 2 grandsons that i spend lots of time with. They even watch the Pickers with me sometimes.
    They are 5 and 2 and i love our time together.
    Thank you for sharing such a sweet story.

  3. Darla

    This is a beautiful story . You overcame Charlie’s surgery and I am so glad all is well. A very loving family. God bless all of you

  4. Dorene Finch

    Thank you for a look into your private lives with this story, thank you for sharing, I loved reading it. What a beautiful full of love family you have.

  5. Jeff

    just wanted to tell you that my God child had cleft lip and cleft pallet and now at 16 years old she the most beautiful, smart, fun loving kids you ever want to come across. your baby and you will have some tuff days but most will be wonderful (as you said 10 fingers 10 toes perfect) My Micah has one more surgery left and its all over, no problem, and one beautiful smile 🙂 your doctor might not have told you but about 1 in 7 children born have one or both of clefts problems so believe me you are not alone in this..
    God Bless

  6. Terri Campbell

    Thanks for the little insight into your personal lives. We watch the Pickers (like every night haha) and it’s nice to see the beautiful family of the man that keeps us so entertained. Beautiful home. Thanks for sharing.

  7. jayne bishop

    Wow. Sometimes in this mad and sad world something sincere and sweet can remind us of the true meaning of life. To love and be loved. Give happiness to all around us. Be kind and show compassion. Lovely story to a lovely family. My austic son Louis loves Amercian pickers. He loves Frank and Mike. Has inspired him to start collecting so god help me eh!!! Keep smiling guys and keep up your fab work xx would love to meet you guys when next on the south coast Sussex UK X

  8. K.

    Thanks for this…I am currently pregnant and ready to turn 40 shortly – this is my first baby. I too was asked to do extra tests for the baby and have said no. Like Jodi, my fella also has a job that keeps him on the road, it’s just refreshing to hear another story like ours and know that it’s all possible when you work as a team.

  9. Peter Thorburn

    What a wonderful story to share .We do not see that side of the story on the Pickers here in Australia.Life touches us in so many ways both good but inevitably sad.Your daughter is beautiful as is your good wife and we wish them well and may all their dreams and aspirations come to the for.May her children bring all the joy Mothers Day confers.
    Today Friday the 6th May the red dawn is breaking over the Pacific Ocean and i sit here in my Sydney office clearing a couple of Braille Embossers through Australian Customs for some Blind institute over in South Australia, I think today I am taking a few hours off and riding maybe the 53 Panhead or the 94 Heritage out to meet Doc Robinson from Heavy Duty Magazine who is doing a ride criss crossing Australia for Depression Awareness on a souped up shovel.
    His son a young doctor worked in Wollongong Hospital and no one saw the signs of depression .That did not end well , so Doc is doing this to affirm his commitment to help others be aware.I think the riders accompanying him will be entertained at HD headquarters in Lane Cove, Sydney for Lunch.
    I read the AMCA bi Monthly magazine on line and that sparked an accord on a 1903 CCMC motorcycle I have been storing out of an estate of an old friend and have sent off a article for what the Editor tells me will be in the next edition of the AMCA magazine.

  10. Doug Adams

    It’s amazing to read this article. Children make our lives worth living, and give us the memories that will last a lifetime! It’s very evident that your family is full of love and happiness.

    Our grandchildren have taken us to the the next level, like having kids you can spoil and then send home (laugh). The best thing in this life is a loving, happy family!

    Happy Mothers Day!

  11. Mike Edwrds

    mike what a wonderful family you have. never miss the pickers, I live in Houston texas i’am 66 years old been here most of my life, yes went to gillies a lot, and made it throught . well got to drive across to Katy texas with my son bless you and yours. say hi to frank a fan in Houston mike

  12. Jim Wolff

    What a wonderful love filled story. The beginnings of a great life together with your children. As I read this I thought of two things. 1) No I’m not related to you Mike, you don’t have the proper 2 F’s on your name. Lol. And 2) My wife had Hodgkins as well. 20 plus years in remission and we had two beautiful girls after that. Charlie sure is a cute little booger! Jodi, I’m afraid your going to have your hands full with her and Mike of course. If you are ever in South Bend Indiana look us up. I’d love to take you on a privy dig and search for antique bottles. Keep on Pickin! Take care, Jim Wolff

  13. Bill Taylor

    Great to hear of the family man behind the scenes, a touching tribute. It feels like we know the Picking family so well. You can not disguise passion and that comes across in every episode. I have never been interested in history really but Mike and Frank make it addictive.

    Good job guys. Keep Danielle in check ha ha ha


  14. Peggy

    A beautiful story!!! Jodie speaks to my heart. I felt these same feelings, only with three children, two sons and a daughter. I again will feel them just with a great grandchild. Charlie is a very lucky girl to have Jodi and Mike as parents.

  15. Donna

    This was beautiful, heart warming and loving. It was precious to read all the very sweet and touching moments in all of ya’lls lifes !!!! You have a beautiful family you can tell there is so much love, caring and happy moments that means the most to families. Thank you so much for sharing !! Happy Mother’s Day to You !!!!

  16. Leanne Butler

    We only have one child (they’re forever our babies), a Son, 29 who is just about to graduate from the RAAF as a firefighter. I loved reading about your lovely family, I can’t imagine what a blessing your little girl must be for the 3 of you. We have watched the show for years and receive a regular email from Two Lanes and often talk about what a dream it would be to visit your lovely State and Country. I have just this small piece of advice (if I may be so bold)-bring your family to Australia. You will never regret it, you will never forget it.
    All the best to you all.
    Leanne from The Land Downunder x

  17. Brandi

    I enjoyed reading the story and getting to know a little bit more of your family’s story. My husband and I love watching American Pickers and we recently went to Nashville for our 24th wedding anniversary. Our best adventure there was going to Antique Archaeology, and We loved seeing some of the items that we have seen on the show! Thank you so much for sharing with us and Keep picking and posting!!

  18. Donna Suresch

    Dear Mike, Jodi, Charlie, and Kyle,
    Your story is so very endearing to me. I watch American Pickers all the time and am a big fan of Mike and Frank. I am so happy to see that you have been blessed with this wonderful, beautiful child. I can see it all in Mike’s face that he is a happy man!
    Jodi, I wish you all the blessings and prayers that can be had in your struggle with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I have worked in the field of cancer research for many years. I started my career at Johns Hopkins in 1983 for a team that studied bone marrow transplantation for lymphoma patients. When I started there the survival rate of patients who rejected bone marrow transplant was only 5%. Now that percentage has risen to over 60% due to the advancement of understanding of the disease and new innovative medical techniques for lymphoma patients. We will win this war!
    My prayers and wishes are with your family and friends.
    With Kind Regards,
    Donna L. Suresch – Lansdale, PA

  19. Shirley Freeland

    I love your story and Charlie is a beautiful little girl who looks very healthy! Congratulations to you both.

  20. Shirley Freeland

    I love your story and Charlie is a beautiful little girl! She also looks very healthy!! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Kenneth R Wilson

    Just a really Great article.
    You folks are definitely my kind of people.
    Nice family made of the rigrt stuff.
    Hope to meet some day.

  22. Kenneth Skeen

    Mike, I am 75, have 3 girls that made my life whole, and a grand-daughter/son. Life just get more filled with love. Your comments and this article is too precious for words! I have been a Picker lover from long back, and no matter how old or how many re-runs, I still enjoy you and Frank and Dani (my grand-daughter’s name!). Your hand on the production and picks are wonderful and I commend you all. I was in the building materials business for 48 years managing a huge shop, on the Board of Directors and then buying my own shop. I really respect how you deal with your team and conduct your business. My heart leaps when you leave a pick site and say..”God Bless You”! Blessings from Medford, OR

  23. Brenda Wall

    So good to see you giving Charlie a firm and loving foundation. Has Mike chosen her first pick yet? Your decorating is wonderful and your home has such a peaceful look. Maybe you need to do a decorating show, as to what to do when your “picker husband” brings wonderful things. home.

  24. Alan Fortner

    Mike , you and your wife are both blessed .
    Keep up your passion for bikes and picking .
    One day if you can , look up Mathew Bieberman , he is the late “Big Sid” Bieberman of Vincent fame and has picked up the torch of his fathers passion . I think Jay Leno has one of his builds , ” The Vincati.” A Vincent engine in a Ducati Frame . It is the last Bike “Big Sid ” worked on before he passed . Good luck .

  25. Terry woods

    Loved reading your powerful story and an insight in your family life with your latest child .
    I have got engrossed in the show and the integrity and fairness of Mike when out picking from here in Reading England.
    I have no dought Charlie will grow up to be a fine women from Tennessee with such caring parentsterry

  26. Daz

    Cool & lovely article guys , I think this calls for Frank to do some baby sitting & Jodi out on the trail with Mike , I’m sure he won’t mind
    Great show Mike n Frank , keep up the good work .

  27. Ocal Boster

    On a whim I scrolled down and read your story and I’m so glad I did. It’ not every day one has the chance to read about how another person’s family deals with a (PROBLEM), which as I see it was well taken care of by all of you. I have read that God only gives a special child to a family that will be the best for them and give them a chance to make the most of their life. Your family is that family and I Pray the richest Blessings for all of you from My Heavenly Father. Please keep everyone posted on everything surrounding your family. God’s richest Blessing for all of you.

  28. Ve Ferry

    Thank you for such an inspiring and touching peek at life with the Wolfe family! It’s obvious that this is a family whose tapestry is woven with respect, consideration, and an immense amount of love for one another. I, likewise, am so gratified to hear Jodi speak of seeking a simpler life for Charlie amidst our busy, social-media crazed world. Good for her! Thanks again for the encouragement you are to others and may God give you health, stamina, and joy in all you do! Ve Ferry

  29. Mike

    Wow, so glad you shared, its a heartfelt story for me being a father of 4 children, and 5 grandchildren. We all love to watch the Pickers, its full of fun, love, feelings and excitement. We always wondered about Mike and his family. So happy for all of you and wishing you all the best life can give. Our prayers for all your health, what ever the future brings. God bless you all, and thanks for all the enjoyable hours of watching such a great family oriented TV show. You are a beautiful family!

  30. Debbie Bailey

    Thank you for sharing so many personal thoughts, observations and photographs. The “glow” may appear to be that coming through the window but I would say it is coming from within you. God’s blessings at their finest.

    and thank you too for appreciating “the South” and those things that make a difference. Am an “army kid” and we could have ended anywhere…how lucky am I that we landed in GA….and chose to stay. (TN would be on my list too).

    Cataula, GA- lived here 27 years. salute 😉

  31. Janice Marie Burton Pellman

    I just read your story is absolutely beautiful and please your daughter is gorgeous please stop worrying about the scar above her lip when she gets older and makeup will cover that she just absolutely beautiful treasure every second you have with her I watch American Pickers every week if I’m not going to be home it is computed into my what Direct TV box 3 year I enjoyed the show there’s times when I see things that I want that I want that I want that but no you have to get it Michael but that’s alright I enjoy watching the show I know what you mean when you say talk about living in Tennessee I am a road construction Brett we live in Tennessee about 8 years my dad did Interstate 40 from Smyrna Tennessee to Nashville he did look out Mountain when we lived in Knoxville he did to go Oakridge Tomic plant if I had my way we would still be living in Tennessee I am 77 years old and I’ve lived in 11 different states and went to 22 different grade schools and loved every inch of it I am what I am a retired school bus driver I had 3 normal routes in the morning plus one special route in the morning I will take the special children over the normal any time I love you show keep up the good work I truly enjoy it especially when you’re down south or like West Virginia South Carolina and North Carolina cuz that’s some of the places that used to live at thank you for your story and please tell your beautiful wife and daughter thank you my name is Janice Marie Burton Pellman have a good day

  32. delores brown

    That is so beautiful ! We see Mike on the show and wonder about what kind of family life they have , and this makes it all so real . It’s not just a tv show its a job and very hard life to have a family and juggle home and travel .we are so glad they are strong loving parents and and make it work for each other.

  33. Janet Otts

    What a wonderful touching story you have shared with us. So much love in a wonderful life. We see the fun happy go lucky Mike. We forget you are a husband and A father. I would like to thank you and Jodi for sharing something so personal. It makes me see what y’all have given up so we can see your great show. I will think twice while I’m watching your show, how great you are and so unselfish of you. Thank you again for sharing your life with us, yes Frank we love you too!
    Thank you for being just you,

  34. alice caldwell

    Such a open & touching story of your family! I have raised a special needs child (nephew) that most everyone gave up on…He is now 39 years old, has a small part time job, & believes “He is the MAN”! Took lots of love, time, support, and prayers but it was worth every grey hair on my head! My hubby & I love watching “Pickers” (there is no such thing as junk in my hubby’s eyes). Now it will be even more special! Tell Mike to hit up Maine a little deeper…we might be able to turn him on to a few leads!
    Hugs & Blessings to you all!

  35. Tom & Gay Howard

    It’s been many years since baby breath on my face. Thank you for bringing back tears of happiness remembering those precious moments. Mike is one lucky fella to share your love.

    Tom & Gay Howard
    the Honda Buffs. (still riding two-up since 1984)

  36. Sharon Sapp

    Loved this very special story. Love watching the show.
    Happy Mothers Day to you and all the mother’s out there.

  37. Amanda Ortega Ramos

    Such a personal and touching story, thank you for sharing it with us.
    Bendiciones / Blessings to your family.

  38. Nancy Page

    The American Pickers is one of my favorite shows. My husband and I watch it every week and the reruns as often as possible. I loved your story about Charlie and you. Precious! Mag the Lord’s Face always shine upon you!

  39. cheryl corrigan

    what an awesome story we all think we know mike from the show but didn’t know much about his family know I feel like I know them a little Charlie looks so much like her dad I love mike I think he’s great and never miss American pickers too bad he can’t slow down a little he’s missing the important years with charlie

  40. Leslie Navinsky

    Oh Jody, what a heartfelt and beautiful article! We have watched the Pickers from the beginning and absolutely love Mike and Frank and the show. I knew he had gotten married to you and seen pictures here and there about sweet little Chsrlie but this really told your story. I cried and smiled and it touched my heart. It’s not surprising the strong foundation you have as husband and wife amd in the way you are raising your sweet little girl. It’s so inspiring how you have already handled some very difficult things in life and triumph with adversity. You are both such am inspiration for all. I love all the photos as well…gorgeous!

  41. Bob Madlem

    Love your show Mike, your like a regular guy! I have 3 grown girls who all have married and have given me 3great son in laws, and 5 unbelievable grandkids. Thanks for your show, Bob Madlem.

  42. Debbie Jennings

    I love your love story and the story of your children. My daughter had a son at almost 20 years old – but to have a little girl so many years later is a dream come true. My friend’s second child had a cleft palate and she developed a nipple specifically for cleft palate babies. I applaud you as parents. I am happy you found Nashville a great place to raise children. I grew up in Rock Island, IL – across the Mississippi River from Le Claire. I sent “Indian Motorcycle” mats to Nashville for your dogs and a scarf for Charlie to tie back her hair in the heat. I hope you have them in hand and everyone is enjoying my gifts.

  43. Linda McEntire


  44. John and Julie Russell

    We have enjoyed watching the American Pickers show grow, but this article gave us the peek into Mike’s family life that is so beautiful. We love knowing about the wonderful family behind the successful man. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  45. Janine Linder

    Thank you for sharing! I am so glad you have each other. Keep enjoying this time. Charlie is a lucky girl – but then, you all are! Jodi, I pray you continue to overcome this health challenge. I’m betting on you!

  46. Jeffrey hannan

    I always wondered about their family life. It has to be hard to be away for long periods of time. I used to be gone for weeks at a time during my construction career in my younger years. After 20 years of being gone i took a position that let me be home a lot. I love my family. I rarely miss pickers. Everybody in my house watching it. It is real unlike some reality shows. Since i was diagnosed and treated for cancer i especially like to watch it now as it relaces me during these tough times. I plan on watching pickers till i am 90 if it is still on then. I am 56 now. Keep up the good work and entettainment. God bless all3 of you.

  47. carol papale

    It is so refreshing to listen to your story. So many people in our society today are so caught up in work, social networking, and themselves that they are missing the full picture. Hopefully you will inspire many families out there to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy what really matters in your life. Put down the phones, tablets and computers when your children are talking to you. Listen to them and hear what they have to say. Those little voices will be a distant memory one day soon, never to return again. Kudos to the both of you…Mike and Jodi……for really embracing what parenthood is all about. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day 🙂




    Love Mike, his family , his side-kick,Frank, his TV show, his website, his happy, wonderful attitude about everything – just adore everything about him and his world.

  50. Ronald Faler

    Wow!! Nice to see the family! Is the wife camera shy?? Little ones are a handful but very precious. Surprised the wife doesn’t help on the picks. Congrats!!!! old man. =) On your family. Hope to see ya pick-n on Rte-61 in Cape/ Perry county MO. some time.
    Sincerely, Ron F.

  51. Brenda Donaldson

    I really enjoyed hearing your story. People like you give hope to the rest of us.
    I had uterine cancer in my 20’s, years later I was lucky enough to meet a man who was supportive, compassionate, loving and tolerant of my having a job where I was gone every week and sometimes for a week and a half at a time.
    My greatest blessing was to be accepted by his children and grandchildren. I was lucky enough to be at the birth of our youngest grandchild, also born with a cleft palate. Sam is doing great now. He’s taller than his mother, has a warm and kind personality, is athletic and smart as a whip (an old northern saying). He has handled his mother deciding to start a new life with the help of a very loving father.
    He will go far in this world. He’s been adored, particularly by his father, since the day he was born, he also hasn’t gotten any breaks because of a birth “defect”. He’s aware of people who have far less than him. He’s a great human. Charlie will be also, as she is surrounded by love. Many accolades for believing in your baby and each other. I wish all the best for you and your family.
    Brenda EPRN (I specialize in abnormal heart rhythms throughout life).


    A really ‘glowing’ story. The love in your home is palpable and your family is blessed. May God keep you close to His heart always.

    1. Irene Wilson

      As every one else does, love your show. What impress me when a “client’ quotes a price on an article and Mike you will say something like—No that is not enough money for this…worth more.—I have written to you before and told you if you are in my area-Calif. near Lancaster, Palmdale—I would love to take you and Frank out for dinner.—–I know a happy marriage when I see one as my husband and I were married 55 years util he died 4 years ago. I have wonderful memories to keep me going.

      Your baby is very beautiful and you can see the love you give her—so important.

      Happy trails always—be safe-drive carefully–Irene

  53. Jeanette

    it’s good to see Mike so gentle and loving with Charile such a special family thank you for sharing your story with us.

  54. Kevin -n- Shelly Mckay

    I just wanted too say “hi” from the Mountains of the Pacific N.W.
    you got a beautiful family and home (luv too see you know the proper place to park your bike)
    Love the show and the way you and Frank and Dani D. Relate too each other, that’s what life is truly about !
    ( keep’ n it real ) .
    I gotta say I luv the VW bus, had one myself when I lived upstate NY For awhile, we were some of the only ones the drove around in the winter time (great traction ) piss poor heat though !
    Anyways, keep on doing the things you do, it works !
    Kevin -n- Shelly
    P.s. Tell Frank and Dani we said “hi” as well.




  56. jan/ Tess

    What a beautiful story!…Thank you so much for sharing. Wishing all of you health and much happiness.

  57. John & Judy Sinclair

    What a beautiful story so close to Mother’s Day. it’s an honour to be included in your emails and your stories. Absolutely love them! Stopping by LeClaire on our way to IOWA gas show. J & J from Canada!

  58. Adam Rotter

    Wow Mike, amazing! Great family good to see u happy. My mom lives in Israel (18,000 mls away) but thanks to my brother setting up Skype I talk to her on phone like she’s here. She has cancer & had some surgery but she at 80 is in good spirits which is the best of dealing with it.
    Gonna visit one of the stores this summer, probably bring my Capone sign, peace

  59. Scott S.

    I read your story and was very moved by the love and admiration you both have for one another. Also that of your children.
    It reminds me of my son who is now 23yrs. old, and how I immediately felt when he was born. I instantly knew that I was no longer number 1, but now much further down the list. He is and always will be my baby, but that baby has turned into a wonderful man. Like you tell your daughter how great she is, I’ve always told my son he is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and the one thing that I’ve done RIGHT! in my life.
    God bless you both and your beautiful daughter and family.
    Keep picking Mike I’ll be watching.

  60. Scott S.

    I read your story and was moved by the love and admiration of one another, and your children. As a parent of a 23yr. Old I know how that love is instant.
    God bless you and your beautiful daughter and family.
    Mike keep picking I’ll be watching.

  61. David Gunn

    Love your show from across the pond, Mike you and Jodie have a wonderful Daughter in Charlie enjoy your time

  62. Muriel J Moore

    I have often wondered about the real life of my favorite picker and this beautiful tribute answered my questions. Your home exudes love, there is no other way to describe the serenity each photo portrayed. I have a feeling your story took a long time to arrive here,but you got it now. I respect you as a person who has worked hard to get to where you are today. God bless you all, including Frank and Danni.

    1. Linda Jane O'Brien

      I think I can add, he loves Mike (and Danny), Sturgis – the annual bike event, his collection of vintage toys, and his job.

  63. Shirley Cales

    I love your show reminds me of my younger days of going to flea market and thrift stores.
    Your family is lovely…

  64. Joan F.

    Beautiful story. One can see that love is all around your family. Keep up the picking with Frank & Danni, and your brother once in the while. We only have antenna tv so we don’t get to see you very often. Sure wish you were on free tv as I enjoy your show so much when we are traveling in our rv and are able to get the history channel.

  65. Anthony Sweet

    Every minute of every episode of “Pickers” is a special treat for me. The crew does all the work. The fans get the biggest reward. The whole experience becomes more rewarding when you share stories like this with us. The success you have achieved is well deserved. Now, spend some more time together. Time is short, and your success will far outlast the window you have for being together. Don’t worry about the re-runs getting old. Wish you continued success, health, love, happiness, and wealth.

  66. Rona K M

    Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. We enjoy your show so much!!! We love Mike and Frank and those tending the stores. Love your personalities. Would love to go picking with you. 🙂

  67. Carol Githens

    Dear Mike, Jo, Charlie, and also, hi to your friends…Frank,Danielle,Robie & your Mom,
    I love the Pickers show. Thank you both for the Peak into your lives. I think that Peak was probably, a hard thing to do.
    Blessings to your family from me.
    I’m already happy that new season is opening.
    I enjoyed that you are choosing good people who are so passionate and have so much knowledge about what they collect.
    That history’s about their collection, ‘Feeds me’.
    I was always told, “you don’t need to know about that – stop ?ing me” – but that statement never stopped me from want to know.
    Now, you and Frank are opening ‘door’s’ all over this country and are ‘feeding’ my questioning mind.
    Thank you & the folk that help get, so many of the ?’s answered.
    Me? Well I’ll be 79yrs in August, I have 2 boys and 2 girls and 9 Grands. Tom & I will celebrate our 60th anniversary this year.
    I don’t know how I got this far, but here I am. I hope you and Jo get here some day.
    With love to you and yours,
    Carol Githens

  68. Judy Gambrel

    Oh Jodi

    This is just lovely and brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful family you are. I well remember when you and Mike came to Midway Village in Rockford and you were newly pregnant and just glowing with the most beautiful look on your beautiful face. And I remember Mike sharing photos of baby Charlie and just beaming as a proud father.

    Happy Mother’s Day and a wonderful every day.

    Terry and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary in July and we are incredibly happy. Terry has his only grandchild who is now 18 months and a delight. Life is great. And I’m eternally grateful to Mike and the Pickers.

    My love and hugs to you and Mike.

    Pickin Mama Judy

    1. Johnnie Dellos

      Hello Mike and Jodi
      I really like your story. You and your family are a perfect example of how all families should be. Happy :o) and together. I love watching your show, and all your travels to all of your picks. I am 68 yrs. young and can relate to the items you buy for your stores.Thanks for the memories, and for Danielle. She is quite awesome.
      Here’s wishing Jodi a very Happy Mothers day!! Best Regards Johnnie Dellos

  69. Patricia Farnham

    We are long time fans of the show. Loved the personal family pictures. Charlie is a beautiful little girl. Congratulations on your family, Mike and Jodi.

  70. Marlene Andersen

    Glad to hear you’re not too busy with your wonderful show to be a good daddy and hubby. First things first…
    We love your show by the way and have been to both stores. You and Frank have a good thing going, keep it up.

  71. Joseph Curcio

    God bless you and your family. I watch the show all the time. When you are in New York stop by the house and I will show you some of the things I have in my collection.

  72. Mike VerBrugge

    I met Mike in Boonville, MO and I could tell immediately, “I like this guy.” There were lots of kids gathering around and I watch him take the time greet each one of them and take photos if they liked. Loved the story and will always be a fan.

  73. Janet Godrdge

    Jodi, you sound like a beautiful person inside and Mike comes over as a very emotional, caring sort of man. What wonderful parents you make. Charlie looks so cute and smart in the photos and I have loved to watch her grow. I had twin girls and a roller coaster life, but it has worked out now and I have 4 beautiful grandchildren, spending loads of time with each week. It must be hard to live with Mike away on the road, but you are so strong and loving together. I really enjoy his show because of his personality and the way he respects others. Bless you all, Janet x

  74. Stuart Edwards

    A great heartfelt story. I enjoy your passion for life and history of how this country was made. Your openness to tell your story is cool, I see you have nothing to hide. I really enjoy the show. Keep up the good work and hope to see you in Hudson, New York soon.

  75. Mary Morgan

    It is so wonderful to see the loving home side to you, Mike and your daughter and son. It is truly amazing how much one can love their child right from the start. Your love for all of them shows in your writing, your pictures, and in the way you live. Sending my prayers for you and your family

  76. Old scooter man

    At 77, I guess i have been a fan since the start…whenever that was…I can relate to the love of old stuff and earlier lives; used to go to Davenport and collected old motorscooters. So nice to see this family side of this story. Congrats and hope many more years of success to all of the show “family.”

  77. Sara Llewellyn

    Hi Mike, Jodi, Kyle and Charlie,
    So enjoyed reading The Glow feature: At Home with Jodie and Charlie.
    American Pickers is a wonderful achievement, and I am a so glad to be able to watch the programmes here in rainy Wales in the UK.
    Back in the day I followed my dream and bought 17 acres in the middle of 2000 acres, with a twenty mile view over Kerrville, TX.
    Like you Jodie I had a baby at 41, Alex, now 14, has never been to America, but has grown up surrounded by my treasured American picks!
    His love of your country comes from the Jonas Bros full head mounted Grizzly Bear rug he grew up with in his playroom! We older Mum’s are great and I so admire the courage of you and Mike.
    God Bless America and American Pickers everywhere!
    Sara xxxx

  78. Wade Gushee

    Wow! What a great story. It fills me with joy and happiness to see such warmth and sincerity. I am a Pastor at my church and I know the feeling power that Jesus has given us. I had cancer and through Gods Grace I am cancer free. Keep Faith that lovely family stay whole.
    Your story in powerful, thanks for sharing it with the whole world. Mike you are and inspiration to all of us. God Bless you and your family,

  79. Shari Thompson

    What a beautiful, touching story. Pickers is one of my favorite shows – I love seeing the country, the bantor between Mike and Frank and I have learned so much that I am able to use in my own picking adventures. Thank you do much for giving us a glimpse of Mike’s family, you and he are truly blessed with such a beautiful little girl. I love how Mike’s face lights up whenever he mentions Charlie, it’s clear she is daddy’s little girl.

  80. Linda Jane O'Brien

    Love the hazy effects of the photos, that’s what renders the report more dreamy, just giving us enough to glimpse at and allowing our emotions to kick in and take over to imagine the rest without limitations, as is the love that beholds the hearts of the Wolfe family, Frank and all their associates who make this fantastic show so special and unique.

  81. Chris Waterbury

    What a wonderful story. I had always wondered if Mike had a special someone, he is very fortunate to have you and a beautiful daughter as well. I love watching Pickers every chance I get and then was able to stop at the Iowa location on my way back from Indiana the Spring of 2015. Was great to see some of the things I saw on TV.
    May God richly bless you and your family.

  82. Bambi Gibson

    I wasn’t done yet texting you guys . I was asking where is your Store in Iowia? Counting down the days before we leave to Min for a week then the next week is IowiaAre you Danny and Mike and Frank going to be in your store? My Mark and I we are big fans of your show Your Friends and Fans Always Bambi and Mark

    1. Sarah Buckholtz

      LeClaire, Iowa, Bambi and Mark! The fellas will be on the road for the next few weeks but we hope that doesn’t deter your visit to the shop!

      1. Bambi Gibson

        Our Vaction is getting Closer . Mark and I we are still coming to Iowa , And we want to know is Danny D going to be there?We can not wait to see her and the store we know the Fellowes will be on the road. Like us. Your Friends and Fans Bambi and Mark

      2. Bambi Gibson

        Hello My Mark, and I we are coming to Iowa after a
        Wedding then 2 weeks we are coming to see the LeCaire Store . We are big Fans of of the Show . We know that Mike and Frank won’t be there. We also like Danny D. What I want to know is will you Danny D be in the store on theses Days Sept.10th and 11th of September Your Friends and Fans Always
        Bambi and Mark

      3. Bambi Gibson

        Hello Our trip is almost getting closer . My Mark and I we are Hopeing Danny D will be in the Iowa Store. We know the Fellow will be on the Road. Here are the Days we will be in Iowa. 10th and 11th of September. We are big Fan”s of the Show. Danny Do you have a few pictures of you and the Fellows together? Your Fans and Friends Always Bambi and Mark

  83. Annette

    I have to admit, it is truly awesome to see such strong love and partnership between a husband and wife, to hear that you make sure everyday that the other is “okay”. That is a love blessed by God. You have a beautiful family Mike and I wish you all the best that life has to offer you. I absolutely love your show, you and Frank are a great team, your personalities compliment each other. I have learned so much about American History from watching your show…….and I always keep a lookout for that white van whenever I am out and about. Thank you Mike and Frank for a wonderful show and all the great history lessons.

    1. Bambi Gibson

      Well my Husband ,And I we will stiil are coming to Iowia to see the LaClair” Shop . And when we are traveling We will Lk For Mike and Frankie. Why douse Mike have a Motorcycle in the Liveing room? My Husband and I we have been Married for 7 years and we always check up on each orther everydayLooking forward to seeing the store. Your Fans and Friends Always Bambi and Mark

  84. Claude D

    As a single father raising to awesome kids,I know u already know but he are amazing parents and water started to run down my face as I read your story (couldn’t of been tears I’m a man ..,,lol) My daughter was born with a cleft palate and it amazes me how strong they are my daughter has a few other conditions that she is the only case,My daughter is 9 and is always smiling and laughing and can really brighten anyone’s day,I tell people that if you are ever down and out or depressed then hang out with her and I promise she will make you smile and even for a small time make you forget all about your problems,So I want to actually thank our kids cause they bring out the best in us and remember one smile will create many more

  85. Quinton Blenman

    Hello there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative. I¡¯m gonna watch out for brussels. I¡¯ll appreciate if you continue this in future. A lot of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  86. Ellen Wood

    Hi Mike,

    I also had a little girl with down syndrome, cleft palate she could not drink or suck a bottle with no upper lip to do so and I was just overwhelmed by what I seen when she was I was only 18 yrs. old at the time…I was so devastated and sick inside that I cried all the time…she could not come home to me so I could not hold her or even feed her when I did see her as she had no lips to suck a bottle plus she had a hole in her heart…she lived in a General hospital til she passed away in 1960 ..and was only 9 mos. old. It was the saddest time in my entire life and I still feel so bad that I could not do anything for her to make it better!!

    I do know what you are going thru and my heart and soul are with you always

    May God Always Shine Upon You and Your lovely children,

    Love you big,

    Ellen Wood
    Arroyo Grande. CA

  87. william(bubba) love

    Mike if you and Frank are ever traveling I-65 South thru Montgomery,Al. check out Chris Hotdog downtown on Dexter Ave. the place has been there since 1917 same location #Dogs To Die For

  88. Tina Hartwell

    I love this store. You can tell Mike is a loving father and husband he speaks of Charlie in his show. I love watching the show..

  89. janet Larner

    The story pf your family touched me so much and came close to home, one of my Grandsons was born with a severe cleft and it was at first hard to understand many things about it. My daughter in Law and Son went thru, the pregnancy and all the testing,, Today Tommy is a gifted student at UCLA. Charlie will continue to teach you and touch your life and will touch your heart like no other. My son and daughter in Law treated my grandson no different than any other child. There is a saying, beauty is how you see yourself inside. He grew up with confidence and love and is now 6 ft 4. He has shined with gifts from God, courage, a beautiful mind, gifted student, musical talent, sports excellence , just so many things that let us know how much we were all blessed . One time at an awards ceremony for his many achievements , it was as if God whispered in my ear, ” I told you So” , peace came and I at last understood why he had to go thru this pain and operations and he in no way short changed. Operations Smile is such of blessing and I support it fully. Thank you for sharing and using your experience and talents to help many. I feel the love in your family and it is the rusty gold of life, getting better and better with time. Its a currency that is under estimated. My Grandson has been published, excelled in everything that came his way, most of all I see a special sweet compassion that came as he lived life and suffered pain and some hardship. You should see him in his Officers Uniform standing so tall and handsome and a beautiful person.
    All of us are so blessed , we just have to trust that love overcomes all things.

  90. Harpers

    Our entire family loves your show, and we hope that you and Frank keep on truckin’…FOREVER!! Mike , you have the most beautiful family, home, tv show, wisdom,funny and eclectic attitude,vivaciousness, and good old common sense. Our child even drove to LeClaire to visit your store on his vacation. His daughter wanted to go also. They had such a good time…we haven’t heard the end of it yet….and it’s been months and months and months ago!! Tell your wife hello, and that we love you all.

  91. Mary Wallace

    I loved this story of your family. I too had a child born with a cleft lip and palate he is 27 now. He unfortunately had a stroke through his first surgery that left him unable to use the right side of his body. He loves American Pickers and would love to be able to meet Mike, Frank and Danielle.

  92. Athena P Schall

    What a beautiful story! Charlie is precious and I loved reading your story, what a special little girl and loving family! Wishing you and the family all the best and I love American Pickers and the whole cast, its fun and makes me smile!

  93. Carol Edwards

    Charlie is such a beautiful little girl! Loved reading your story. We have a son in Franklin, so have visited Leipers Fork several times. Absolutely love it!! We do not have cable TV, but I have gotten hooked on the Pickers show that runs on the Amazon Prime station. I work for the Board of Zoning in the county I live in, in Indiana. I see a lot of properties that Mike and Frank would love!! Blessings to you and your family 🙂

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