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Downtown LeClaire via www.leclairechamber.com

Traveling to the Iowa shop this month? There’s a lot going on when you get here! Here’s a rundown of some fun happenings in our little LeClaire that we don’t want you to miss.

First up: There are eagles here, and we have the best spot in the country to view them!

The bald eagle was chosen as our national bird in 1782 as a symbol of strength and longevity. Seeing one for the first time is unforgettable, not just because of what it represents but also because of its size. (We’re talking about a 3-foot tall bird, y’all!) Right now, eagles, with their incredible eight-foot wingspans, are flying above LeClaire at speeds of 75 miles an hour. They are looking for places to build new nests and to return to their existing ones along the Mississippi River, nests that can measure anywhere from five to nine feet wide and tip the scales at two tons! They’re easy to spot – just look for trees bowed from the top by all the weight. Eagles prefer to remain close to water–that’s what makes nests high above the Mississippi so ideal.

When they aren’t nesting, they can be seen near LeClaire’s Lock and Dam No. 14, where water flow is interrupted and allows wintering eagles to scoop fish right out of the river. Mike has even reported picking up fish heads in his backyard, dinner leftovers dropped by eagles from flying overhead!

LeClaire has such a reputation for eagle-watching that photographers from all over the country head to the river town for the opportunity to snap the perfect photo, and now you have the chance to join them!


Here’s some advice for safely observing these magnificent creatures. 

  • Lock and Dam No. 14 Preserve is the best spot for viewing and is open 24/7
  • If you’d like to get the best photo, we recommend viewing them after 12 pm.
  • Layer it up! Iowa has been experiencing negative temperatures this season. Pick up a pack of those handy activated hand warmers!
  • You don’t need fancy equipment for bird watching! Binoculars or the naked eye will serve you well.
  • Can’t believe we have to say this one, but DO NOT try to chase the eagles! No close up photo for Instagram is worth the consequences.


After all that birdwatching, take a walk through historic downtown LeClaire for unique eats, drinks, and shops.

Here’s how to experience the Best of LeClaire! 


We’ll have the heat on for ya! Safe travels and we’ll see y’all when you get here!

Eagle photography provided by Burt Gearhart


Downtown LeClaire via www.leclairechamber.com


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14 thoughts on “There are Eagles Flying Around LeClaire, Iowa: Here’s How to See Them”

  1. Clifford

    Hello Sarah,

    The top photo of the town has a ferris wheel. Is that by Riverboat Twilight’s dock? Is it always there??
    Or is it the ferris wheel in Davenport? Both?
    Any gambling paddle boats dock in LeClaire?


    1. Deb

      That was probably taken during tug fest-the river is shut down and people from LeClaire compete against teams from Port Byron, IL by having a rope tug across the river. The Ferris wheel is not there otherwise.

      1. Clifford

        Thanks Deb for your comment. The tug-a-war across the river sounds interesting.
        I haven’t been to Iowa (yet). But, if you follow highway 80 West to almost the end it’s not too far from where I live.
        Thanks, Clifford.

  2. Tony Penfold

    The show has been taken off in Australia because there are other things to watch such as Tennis / Cricket but winter will soon be here again so we have to suffer over 110 degrees this summer so the beach becons us to swim but we wait for you to come back.

  3. Meredith Arneson

    I cannot understand why Frank is not mentioned or shown anywhere on your website?? He’s so much a part of the TV show. Why is he not even shown as a ‘friend’ of Mike’s?? Please help me understand this puzzlement. Thanks ahead. Meredith

  4. Joe pollitt

    Thanks for sharing the eagle picture,out here in Wilmington, Ohio we also have these beautiful birds and they nest here! I’ve been blessed with the sight of the eagle 3 different times !!! just wanted to share this with you and thank you… J.P

  5. Tony Penfold

    You are back ( thank goodness ) but we still have the Commonwealth Games to come very soon. Keep picking you guy’s. lets hope we see more of Frank on this web site. ps my misses has tried to stop me picking up junk around the roads but Australia is a through away nation so I hope I can win. I am a bit old for it at 77.

  6. Dwight O. Von Ahnen

    My wife has been in rehab over a month now. And, we have become hooked on American Pickers. Then today, as we were watching, Mike happened to mention that he graduated from Bettendorf High School in 1979. A small world, as I graduated from there when it was on 23rd St, in 1956.

    Just thought I would say “Hi”. And maybe when we visit Nashville to visit our daughter, we will have to stop by and give a yell.
    …Thanks for this moment –
    ========= Dwight

      1. Dwight O. Von Ahnen

        Hey, thanks for the reply. I appreciated it a whole lot.

        We will definitely stop by when we get down that way. We cross into Iowa right there at LeClaire on Rt I-80 and junction off onto Rt-67 to Bettendorf.

        Take care and keep “pickin’ “.

  7. Barbara Moncrief

    I was just wondering if Danielle was ever at the Iowa store or Nashville store. My grandson, who is autistic is her biggest fan and wants to go on summer vacation to see her at one of the stores.

    1. Sarah Buckholtz Post Author

      Hi Barbara! She is there mostly when we film and after hours getting work done. We’d love to meet your grandson and shoe him around the shop! Just let us know which location y’all are traveling to! 🙂

  8. Frank Kelly

    I was at your Iowa store on June 25th on my way home from Anamosa thought i might see you and Frank at the bike rally but no such luck but the motorcycle museum was great.i did manage to get a couple shirts at your store

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