Get Outside!

June is National Great Outdoors Month


Few things are as American as the State and National parks that represent our natural heritage, and June is a whole month dedicated to exploring them! What started as Great Outdoors Week by Presidential Proclamation under President Clinton in 1998 has been expanded to a month long event through the support of Presidents following him. Full of events like National Trails Day, National Get Outdoors Day, the Great American Campout and more, there is no lack of opportunities for you to hook up your trailer (if you’re lucky you have one of these 1952 Airstreams) and get outdoors!

Find events near you here.


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5 thoughts on “There is Nothing Greater than the Outdoors”

  1. Bob Madlem

    I love old things that wear the patina of age and use. Old classic cars that are original with seem to capture my interest. I wonder if the younger generations of kids will share this same love.

  2. Will

    I love getting out any time when it’s good weather especially spring summer and fall.
    Great Picking days they are. I been Picking scene I was Thirteen going to be fifty-one this sept. 24 th.
    I love restoring antiques when they need it I epically like finding Old crank up phographs in need of repair.
    My current project is a rare Philco cathedral table top tube radio. 1930’s era.

    1. James Javis

      WIII its a shame you dont know me i inhaired about 10 or so old phonagrafts that i want to sell. Problem is i am widdowed and a disabled vet so dont get out much and not very good computer skills and no close family. I live in the Monerey Calif. Area if your ever this way e-mail me your info and we may meet so you can see what i have, Example i have a 1914 Edison that at the time was only for the well off, at the time it sold for 400.00 dollars.

  3. Pat Bethel

    I really enjoy your television show. I told my daughter and husband I would love to go on a trip with you and Frank. I love going to the small towns and back roads, but my husband, Don, loves the interstates. You have a beautiful wife and a precious sweet daughter. The Lord has allowed me to have a great life, one of the best husbands(54 years of marriage) and the best daughter ever. As we get older,74, I have a lot of health problems, but I tell everyone, “It could always be worse”. A word of advice to you and Frank, enjoy life as much as you can, because time flies by and we can’t always do things later. May God bless you and your family and keep you in His loving care.



    HI- Enjoy your show and I am still collecting at 75 and started around 10 but it’s not the deal you make-it’s the treasure you find that was made by hand or a long time ago when things were made to last or you could repair. Nowadays ; it’s throwaway or made so if it breaks -it’s to the junk pile. People took pride in what they did long ago and what they made even when it took a lot of time. Now it’s hurry up and get rich or move on to next project. One thing about your show; it’s educational and I agree on some prices but some you pay too much. Also I understand you must have a client in mind to sell that high price item to before you buy it.
    Visited your old place several years ago while I was buying an AMC 1983 Eagle SX/4 car from Prineton Marine down the road a piece. Bought your book and you were out of my Rusty GOLD XL size so back to WI.
    Mike and Frank ; if you ever find the time to visit Lincoln,Neb. -visit Speedway Motors museum on 3 floors. I spent 5 hours in Hog Heaven while there. Coker and Speedway both have a lot of old mechanical things most people have never seen or heard of . Tried to find new location while in Nashville, Tn. but ran out of time and you were closed. Take the time and visit TBN and THE Nashville Cowboy Church with Ernest Tubb Museum and Johnny Cash’s sister-Jo Ann. Pastor Harry Yates is her husband and they are great people to know.
    Above all ; keep picking and save some of America’s history which is fading fast. May the good LORD bless you and your families. Take care and GOD BLESS FORDMANTED

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