Chris Stapleton – Travellin’ Man

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“I’m just a traveller on this earth
Sure as my heart’s behind the pocket of my shirt
I’ll just keep rolling till I’m in the dirt
‘Cause I’m a traveller, oh, I’m a traveller
I couldn’t tell you honey, I don’t know
Where I’m going but I’ve got to go
‘Cause every turn reveals some other road”

At a time when country music just isn’t what it used to be, Kentucky bred Chris Stapleton is a breath of fresh air, especially for those of us that are looking for soundtracks of ramblin’ lives.

Anyone who loves to be on the road knows there are two kinds of travel. There’s hitting the road to escape and there’s hitting the road to think it through and get back to yourself. Chris Stapleton’s Traveller is a definitely a two lane travel tunes kinda album, but it may not be for those who want to just get away.

An infamous vagabond, who arrived in Nashville to almost immediate songwriting success, Chris Stapleton didn’t even carry a cell phone because he didn’t want to be reached. His career has been a journey and there have been a lot of unexpected turns along the way. After his first single was released and didn’t achieve its expected radio success, he did what any true vagabond would do. He hit the road.

On a road trip across the country, in a jeep that he wasn’t sure would make the trip, with his wife who is always by his side, he was inspired to write the majority of his first solo album, Traveller.

Everyone loves a good travel tune. What you may or may not love most about Traveller, though, is that isn’t an escapist’s travel tunes. It is the tunes you take a listen to when you need think it through, think back on what was, and figure out what’s next. Chris Stapleton didn’t just cover a lot of miles on a road trip across the country. He contemplated the whole journey he’s taken up to this moment and he somehow managed to put it into beautifully written and beautifully sung words.

Whether you put the album into a CD player and cruise an hour down two lane backroads while it’s playing, or you sit and listen to it from your own home, there’s no doubt you’ll find yourself time-travelling while the stories unfold. That is exactly what makes it Two Lane Travel Tunes, whether you leave the comfort of your own home or not.

Download the album and check for tour dates near you here. 

Give the tunes a listen below.

Featured Image Photography of the album art by Meghan Aileen.


4 thoughts on “Two Lane Travel Tunes: Travelin’ Man Chris Stapleton”

  1. John Lavelle

    Thanks, I enjoyed the music. I have told you before. My brother Mike lives in Woodstock GA and was once Kevin the Robot on Saved By The Bell. He still has the robot in his garage. He has considered selling it in the past. He is good on TV and if you are looking for a show, it would be entertaining.
    John Lavelle

  2. John Lavelle

    My brother was Kevin the Robot from Saved by the Bell and he still has the robot. He lives in Woodstock GA and it would be good TV if you went there to dig up that stuff.
    John Lavelle

  3. Tim Venturella

    Wow,I`ve been taking the long way home from work,at the start it was because of road construction and detours but lately its been just because I WANNA go that way!! I thought it was to unwind but now after thinking about it it was to unwind but also to think the day through and wonder about the next day.Then worry about whats not getting done sticks its head in there.I have to remind myself to tell that worry to go away for now and let me enjoy the country roads and farm fields and old barns.

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