Good company, gas in the tank, and good tunes are what make a summer road trip all that it is. Since we love traveling the back roads of America, here’s a playlist to share with your fellow roadies.

Play loud and play often!


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37 thoughts on “Two Lane Summer Playlist”

  1. David Trayhorn

    How about “Unknown Legend” by Neil Young from the Harvest Moon? Dig those lyrics – “Across the desert, she rides a Harley Davidson. Her long blonde hair blowing in the breeze…..” Love the show – I’m seeing so much the the ‘real America’

  2. Liz wagstaff

    Hi mike loving your summer list
    Here is mine from actually for once a sunny England!
    Thursdays child. David Bowie
    In every dream home a heart ache Roxy music open up your heart the rapture
    Europa and the pirate twins Thomas dolby
    Night porter Japan
    Sweet jane lou and the velvet underground
    I guess this must be the place talking heads
    Andy warhol David bowie
    Spinning around brian eno and john cale
    Much love x

  3. Liz wagstaff

    Hi it’s liz’s other half vmax dave
    His playlist
    Pretty vacant. The sex pistols
    Immigrant song. Led Zeppelin
    Public image. Public image Ltd
    Personal jesus. Depeche mode
    Blue Monday. New order
    She’s lost control. Joy division
    Oh bondage up yours.xray spex
    We know it’s all abit out there but we’re mid
    50’s and probably should grow up but
    We’re happy
    Lots of love to you all x

  4. Lisa Goode

    Thank you so much for turning me on to Keb Mo. Hear the whispers of Bob Seger through his work. So lovely. Great list. When I watch the show it gives me the feeling of home. Love it! Keep on Pickin’.

  5. Suzi S

    You need some ladies on that list!

    How about:
    To the Open Spaces – Maria McKee
    Ready to Run – Dixie Chicks
    Pacific Coast Highway – Courtney Love
    I’m Lost – X
    Movin’ On – The Rankins

  6. Mike Rissien

    Been watching your program for years, really enjoy it. Would like to have a T-shirt, but being from Des Moines i’d greatly appreciate one that say Antique Archaeology, LeClaire Iowa. Thank you.

  7. Jeff lambrechts

    Here’s the only comment I can make I love the show I like all your articles the only thing I don’t like I went out to the LeClaire Iowa store and the t-shirts are made in China what’s up with that? I know you guys are the All-American show at cetera so can’t we find the t-shirts made in America it was 30 bucks for a Chinese t-shirt thank you

  8. Mike

    Great mix, The only thing I would add would be Borm On The Bayou by CCR. Not necessarily a travel song but gives you the giddy up and go to keep knocking down those two lane miles to the next search for rusty gold….

  9. rosie yepez

    have you guys seen the show about harley an davidson do to start on sept. 5 th. on fox chandle 3gh long its about the bikes an the motorcycle true story just wanted to let you know i watch your show all the time an enjoy a lot

  10. Amy

    Thunder Kiss 65 and Black Sunshine by White Zombie, Dragula and Two Lane Blacktop by Rob Zombie, Sex on Wheels by My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult, and Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry 😀

  11. Jim Stack

    I have a pretty good playlist on Spotify that I listen to when I’m heading out to go “Dirt Fishing”

    Ok my song is an older, less known song (let’s call it rusty), “Take the Dirt Road” by Sawyer Brown.
    The newer song that’s in my car, “Everything comes Alive” by We are Messengers

  12. Andy Ball

    Hi guys What about “polica and thieves”by The Clash.Even this one “Into the future” The Viberators”. Dig the show.

  13. Gordon Watson

    Hi, Greetings from Scotland, loving all those playlists.
    I think Nanci Griffiths ‘ Ford Econoline’ should be up there, such a great driving/singalong tune.

  14. Bill Baldwin, Jr.

    Here are some suggestions with YouTube addresses:
    “Keys to The Highway” Freddie King
    “Palace of The King” – Freddie King
    “Strawberry Flats” – Little Feat
    “Hamburger Midnight” – Little Feat
    “Lonesome Whistle Blows” – Little Feat

  15. Craig Mulhern

    Love spreads by the stone roses, lay me down by CSN, one to another by charlatans, loser by beck, bohemian like you by dandy wharhols, heavy weight champion by revered and the makers… And of course riders in the storm by doors, old man N young, have a cigar by pink floyd

    The list could go on and on… 🌞✌️

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