Tanner Wendell is a photographer based in Seattle specializing in adventure, landscapes, dreaming, and exploring. He is also very passionate about abolishing modern day slavery. He self-published his book “Shoot The Skies” which is a 365 day landscape photo project. The book pre-sold over 2,250 hardcover 8×10 copies to 30 countries and raised over $100,000 dollars with 100% of the proceeds donated to The A21 Campaign to abolish human trafficking.

Photo by Tanner Wendell
Photo by Tanner Wendell

We asked him to share with us one of his favorite places and his adventure there. Read what Tanner shares with us below.

“Recently I was in Yosemite National Park in California. I shot photos of the stars and the milky way until moonrise at 2 or 3 in the morning and then I’d wake up to shoot the sunrise at 5:30. I took 10,000 photos in 6 days.

Yosemite Valley is an amazing piece of American history and the American landscape. When I am there I can’t not think of people like John Muir and Ansel Adams and their explorations. It’s a truly awe-inspiring place and it has stolen my heart. I plan on spending a good amount of time in my life in the valley and around the Sierra Nevadas. “

When asked if there is anything unique or something he suggests others must see he says:

“In an area visited by millions of people every year it’s hard to find untouched places. I think the hikes to Nevada Falls, and to the top of Yosemite Falls are well worth the effort. If you want sweeping views of the valley make sure you check out tunnel view and Glacier Point, which are driveable but can be busy. Watch the sunset from Tunnel View and the sunrise from Glacier point. If you want to stargaze, do it from Cook Meadow or Glacier Point. If you want to lay down in the grass and watch amazing feats of climbing, spend a few hours in the El Capitan Meadow where you can watch our modern day warriors battle the 3,000 foot granite face, El Capitan. Bring binoculars and expect to see wildlife. The deer was photographed in the meadow. If you want to get away from the crowds, park at El Capitain and spend your time walking the trails along the Merced River. Also try to visit in the late winter/early spring when the waterfalls are at their peak and the valley is less full. 

Any of the hikes around the valley are worth the effort. You must see Tunnel View, Cook Meadow, Glacier Point, Mirror Lake, and El Capitan Meadow.”


Yosemite and El Capitan
Photo by Tanner Wendell
Yosemite and El Capitan
Photo by Tanner Wendell
yosemite photos
Photo by Tanner Wendell
Photo by Tanner Wendell
Photo by Tanner Wendell

For more information on Tanner’s book “Shoot the Skies” please visit: www.shoottheskies.com

Follow Tanner in Instagram: @tannerwendell www.instagram.com/tannerwendell

For prints and more information: www.tannerwendell.com


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    I thoroughly enjoy you engaging your audience in the stories of the people that you pick from on your show and shared stories and follow ups on this website. (Selfishly)Wishing you continued success,as you are one of only a few t v shows that I actually watch!

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