Bozeman, Montana is a playground for thrill seekers, beer drinkers, and nature buffs. If you’re looking to cash in on some PTO or just wanting to sneak away for a long weekend, allow us to sell you on the best of the wild west that is Bozeman and why it’s worth every mile. (WARNING: Pictures contain excessive adventure and may lead to wanderlust.)


Now, before you even think about the skiing, hiking, and craft beer, you’re going to need a place to rest that pretty head of yours. Let’s set the tone with this reclaimed timber carriage house studio called Mary May’s. Imagine waking up in a contemporary studio, throwing open the french doors, and having breakfast on your porch overlooking 50-acres of rolling green. You grab the complimentary cruiser bikes, pedal past eagles, and elk, and cool off in one of three ponds afterward. Don’t forget your pole for some night fishing on Cottonwood Creek! Then hop in your car head downtown, check out the ski resorts, and explore Yellowstone. It’s easy to see now why Mary May’s was voted “Best Airbnb Property” of 2015 by Outside Magazine.

Photo Courtesy of Mary Mays and
Photo Courtesy of Mary Mays and

These bed and breakfast beauties caught our attention too!


Now that we have an idea of where you are staying for your trip, it’s time to drop your bags and play.  Break out your snow gear and get ready to shred some serious powder on some of the best slopes in the country, like Bridger Bowl and Big Sky. Whether you’re crossing-country/downhill skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, or snow ball fighting, you are sure to find groomed and (wild) ungroomed trails to keep you entertained. Anyone for dog sledding?

For those of you adventurers who don’t dig the snow scene, summer in Bozeman is anything but quiet. Fishing and floating is a must on the Gallatin River, hunters can take their best shot at bull elk, and rough riders can tear up some terrain on ATVs. You name it. Montana has it.

Fun Fact: Many Montana counties are considered “frontier counties” with an average population 6 or fewer per square mile. Talk about vacating your life. 

bozeman dogsledding
Photo credit Absaroka Dogsled Treks


In 1872, Yellowstone National Park became the first national park in the nation, and it’s your moral imperative to visit it. Also plan accordingly for the season you choose to visit, especially during winter. (Here are tips and tricks to entering and exploring the park safely.) Yellowstone offers plenty of geothermal activity from Old Faithful to Mammoth Hot Springs to water features like Crystal, Upper, and Lower Falls. Lower Falls is the tallest waterfall in Yellowstone AND is twice the size of Niagara Falls. Yikes. The 3,500 square miles of Yellowstone is home to hundreds of species including packs of wolves, elk, bison, and bears.

yellowstone hot springs

Helpful hint: Montana has the largest grizzly bear population in the lower 48 states. Use extreme precaution when camping, and do not approach wildlife. No grizzly selfie is worth the risk. 

While you are at it, hike, bike, and climb Hyalite Canyon, or stare at stalagmites in the Lewis and Clark Caverns. Both are less than an hour outside of Bozeman.

When you’re ready for something a bit more tame, discover historic downtown Bozeman where you can breathe in fresh mountain air while shopping for souvenirs or dig in to some local grub. On that subject, let’s move to food.


A good breakfast is the foundation of a good day, and your day is going to be epic if you start at The Nova Cafe. Located in the heart of downtown Bozeman, Nova has been serving up the “Best Breakfast in Bozeman” since 2007. Try any of their “benedictions” with homemade hollandaise sauce or a house special. You can’t miss. Locals say their food is so good that “you’ll wanna lick the skillet.” We know you want to, but don’t embarrass your party. You’ve got mountains to climb today.

nova cafe
Photo by

For lunch, treat yourself at the oldest restaurant in Bozeman,  The Western Cafe. Walk inside to find low-key folks reading the newspaper over homemade biscuits and gravy surrounding wildlife wall art and historic photos of Bozeman.

When you get back from all your adventures, go grab dinner in the form of wood fired pizza and homemade pasta over at Blackbird Kitchen. Feeling extra fancy? Head to Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill where cast iron chicken, steak, lobster sliders and roughly 125 whiskeys await you. (You’re on vacation, so go ahead and order the whiskey that’s old enough to order its own whiskey. You deserve it.)

Tip from college students at Montana State University: Paulie’s is the place to satisfy your late night munchies. Grill is hot until 3:00 AM.


After hiking up and down Yellowstone, exploring caverns, and hitting the slope, you deserve a good craft beer, or three. Get ready to drink your way down the Bozeman Beer Trail.

Asking us to pick a favorite of the four craft breweries is impossible: Bozeman Brewing Company, Outlaw Brewing, Bridger Brewing, and 406 Brewing Company are all rock stars and masters of their craft… beers.

bozeman bars
Photo courtesy of

Now all that’s left to do is order some new snowshoes and make sure you have a dog sitter lined up. Beers, bears, and Bozeman awaits! To any of our readers who have already experienced Bozeman, please let us know what we may have missed so folks going don’t miss out on any Montana-musts!



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19 thoughts on “Weekend Escape: Bozeman, Montana”

  1. Marlene Conner

    When in Montana, be sure to see Helena too! Gates of the Mountain boat trip in summer, Canyon Ferry lake or Hauser Lake for boating…lots of mountains to hike, fishing at it’s best. We want to see Mike and Frank here please… this site and your TV shows. Am turning 80 and have been a collector for sometime, just things to please me so keep up the good work.

  2. Alan Hale

    Myself and my partner of 45 years Lynda travelled Western Australia to LA the drove a motor home to Las Vagas then all the way up to Yellowstone and through to Montana then back to LA via San Francisco a couple of years ago. We would have to say it was the best holiday we have ever had. The scenery is magnificent the the floura and fauna are something to behold, I would recommend all who are fortunate enough to be able to travel to do that trip. Wow

    1. Annela

      You’d be amazed at how many people think the animals in the park are tame. People routinely get out of their cars with their kids to get a close look at buffalo and elk and snap pictures. It’s amazing to see. And it’s not like they aren’t warned against it (much like this post).

  3. Deauna wright

    I love to watch your show . You and Frank are so much fun. But y’all should treasure Danie D y’all wouldn’t be where y’all are without her . So give that girl a large raise . Would you please mention me on your show ?I need a good pick me up

    1. Sarah Buckholtz Post Author

      We’re happy to hear from you Deauna! We do love her and things wouldn’t be the same without her around, for sure. Take care!

  4. Glenda Pierce

    I visited Nashville store, loved store and Nashville. I have Montana on my bucket list. Someday, maybe. Thanks for the info.

    1. Sarah Buckholtz Post Author

      Happy to hear you had a fun time a the shop, Glenda! Hopefully you scored some neat antiques! Be sure share your Montana adventure with us when you go! Enjoy yourself.

  5. Al & Shirley Kapitan

    This is the best e mail we ever got.
    We have been searching for Mikes new TV show
    on HDVD without success. Please advise.
    And thanks for our favorite TV program.
    Al & Shirl

  6. Mary Heideman-Brown

    Bozeman, Montana is a wonderful town to visit had a great time in Bozeman. Another great place to visit near Bozeman is the Roadkill Restuarant South out of Highway 218 out of Billings, Montana. What a wonderful place to meet Movie Stars and Etc. in their natural life. Clint Eastwood, Brooke Shields, Woopie Goldberg, Tom Brokaw and many more near the Boulder River. This is where “The River Runs Thru It”, was filmed in this Area……The Hawley Mountain Ranch is just a fantastic place to stay but you have to make the arrangements early say the next year as it fills up fast. Great for Children, Horseback riding, camping,fishing trip up into Yellowstone Park, is the most fantastic fishing trip I have ever had in my lifetime of travel.

  7. Tim & Debbie Brown

    We enjoyed your Nashville store. It was our first time to the Music City and we did all of the touristy stuff. It was cool to see some of the things that were picked in the store. And the Marathon Motors building was awesome. I love how the structure and some of the signage and machinery were kept. We are looking forward to another trip with more time to explore. Say Hello to Mike for us. See you soon.

  8. Jeannie Mayle

    HELLO from Montana. Anywhere you go in our beautiful state is worth your time. People are friendly and the country is outstanding. Lived in Ca. until 1979 and left and came to Mt. I’ll be 70 in a week and I can tell you, I would never go back to CA.
    God Bless you guys from Montana

  9. Richard Youngdahl

    The Howler’s B&B isn’t the “only B&B and wolf sanctuary in North America”. There’s a wonderful one in Lititz, Pennsylvania… and

  10. Bob peterson

    Just viewed the entire story,I went on a solo road trip in 1975 in a ’73 F150 with a camper on it,and toured down to Jackson Hole and slept in Yellowstone Park.During the night a very hungry bear started ripping Windows out of my topper, so I tossed what food I had out a port on the roof.The next morning I looked over the damage and felt very fortunate to be alive.But my bucket list has a motorcycle run to the same area this Spring.

  11. Rich Maietta

    while in Bozeman, check out Carl Strong Bicycles……a customer frame builder of road, mountain and gravel bikes…..Carl is one of the top builders……anywhere!!

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