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Antique Masonic Chair – Where Is It?

Both of my Antique Archaeology shops, in Leclaire, Iowa & in Nashville, still get tons of emails asking about the Masonic Chair sold to JesseLee a few seasons ago American Pickers. He is a Mason and a preserver of traditional country music (he owns Robert’s Western World downtown Nashville) and we knew we’d found the perfect buyer for the piece – which is a big part of what we do. I followed up with him and asked how it was working out in his new home, and here’s what he had to say:

“The response has been amazing. Although I have not watched the episode myself, I have had a lot of friends and family from all parts of the world contact me to tell me they saw me on the show. People I haven’t talked to in years. I’ve been reunited with a lot of people. I have also had brother Masons contact me to speak at local lodges about the show and my experience. Several people have contacted me letting me know they have more history on the chair, so I’m interested in getting that too. I was drawn to the item because of its history. I am a 32nd degree Mason myself and it brings a special touch of history and meaning to my home. It fits right in with my decor. I plan on keeping the chair. If it were ever to leave my home it will go back into a lodge of my choice to preserve its history.”


See ya on the backroads!

Your American Picker, Mike Wolfe

Visit Robert’s Western World Online:

Do you have a former Antique Archaeology pick? Comment below and tell us what you have and where it is now.

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9 thoughts on “Where Is It Now: Masonic Chair”

  1. Bill Stange

    I bought a vintage yellow “STOP” sign at your shop in LeClaire on one of my treks from Wyoming to N.Y. & back a couple years ago. I had no idea at the time it was on any of the shows. I’ve since seen it in Mike’s hands being picked from a barn in Kentucky. It resides on the front of my shop. Looks great by my license plate covered outhouse I picked from a local ranch here in Wyoming.
    Thank you guys for a great show for all us pickers out there.
    Bill Stange

    1. Janell Darlene Post Author

      Hi Bill,

      We LOVE to hear where our picks end up! Thanks for sharing. If you want to send in a picture of the sign in “use” and tell us why you had to have it, you can email We’re always looking for potential stories for our “Where Is It Now” features.


  2. Pati Vickers

    What happened to that table at grizzly Adams place? It looked like a giant piece of driftwood with the old man of the sea carved into the front! I would die for that piece! We live in south Florida and have a similar version on the wall. LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. Alvina Moyars

    We have a very old rocker chair, has a push button on the arm to lay back the chair… have no idea how old it is. Old looking and don’t smell good! lol 🙂 Just wondering if anyone is interested??

  4. Johnie Boles

    I have a Masonic chair just like the one you bought it is made by Henderson & Ames co. Of Kalamazoo Mich. it has been out of business for over 60 years,I also have two matching chairs to the one you bought they are not as tall ,they set beside the larger one in a lodge ,these are for sale.

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