mw - bootI’ve had so many people ask me about what happened to the “big boot”. We had it first in Iowa, then moved it to Nashville when we opened the store in 2011. We soon needed to free up some space, so we auctioned off the big boot for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Well, even I was wondering about it the other day so I reach out to the buyer, Hardy, and this is what he had to say:

“The Boot is under the pavilion at Katzenmeyer’s Auction Service in Vicksburg, Mississippi at 3508 Washington Street, a main entrance into our historic town. It is clearly visible to all traffic. Hardly a day goes by that a customer does not mention ‘The Pickers Boot.’ It will always be known as ‘The Pickers Boot.’ Quite often tourists are around it taking pictures – some ask, some just do it, and some do it through the wire fence after we have closed.

When we returned from Nashville, the local newspaper gave us and the Pickers front page coverage. (We immediately recouped the cost in advertisement). Several people have tried to buy it, but we intend to keep it. Is was a good purchase for us as it is a continuing attraction to our shop.”

I will definitely have to go by and see it next time I’m in Vicksburg! You should too.

Katzenmeyer’s Auction Online:

Katzenmeyer’s On Facebook:

Learn More About St. Jude’s:

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One thought on “Where Is It Now – The “Big Boot””

  1. E

    There’s a mate to this thing in Bartlesville OK, I’d swear on a stack of mint Indian motorcycle repair manuals. It has the same weird slope to the instep and that’s why it caught my eye. I’d thought the same about the one you guys had every time I saw it on TV or the website.
    It’s painted a shiny black, has cowboy hat silhouettes attached (’cause, yeah, boots wear hats) and has been made into a sign for a parking lot. I took a photo since I knew I’d want to compare images.
    The thing made me chuckle all along my roadtrip and many times since.

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