It’s no secret we are big fans of rescue pets… You may have even seen them hanging at the shop! Mike and his wife Jodi, along with many of the Antique Archaeology Team have 4-legged pals that are not only rescue pets, but are part of the family.

The Wolfes’ newest family member, Izzy Belle, came from Snooty Giggles, a foster-based rescue located in Middle Tennessee.  Snooty Giggles has a foster team of approximately 50 active foster families who open up their homes to amazing dogs, of all sizes, ages, and abilities and “raise them like their own” until the perfect match of a forever home is found.

If you’re considering getting a new pet, please consider adopting over shopping! Contact a local rescue group or animal shelter in your neck of the woods for more information.

Below are some photos of Charlie Wolfe and her new best friend…

mike wolfe rescue dog
Photo by Meghan Aileen
snooty giggles dog rescue photos
Photo by Meghan Aileen
snooty giggles dog rescue
Photo by Meghan Aileen

41 thoughts on “Wolfe Family’s New Rescue Dog”

  1. Pamela

    I love the dogs name! Charlie is adorable! My husband and I rescued a dog 5 years ago, she was 7 at the time. A pure bred.
    She had Cherry eye condition and needed surgery, so soon after we got her we took her in for surgery and to be spayed. All together we spent $1,500.00 on our newly rescued dog. She was worth every penny! She is the best dog we’ve ever had! Before we got her she was so abused, neglected, and used for reproducing. She is so loved and SPOILED!!!

  2. gege

    First i just love your show. These pictures of Charlie and your new” furbaby” are awesome!! I too will soon be looking for a rescue pup as i had to heartbrokenly put down my long time companion of l7 half years. i miss having a small dog. unconditional love . my best of luck to your new addition. Bless you all.

  3. Mary Hurst

    Charlie is really growing, and now she has a new friend to grow right along with her. Rescue dogs are some of the best pets you will ever have. We have two rescues who are our “yard dogs” and one we shopped for (long story, only dog I have ever purchased in my life) in the house.

  4. Peggy DeLancy

    What a beautiful family you have.
    I’d like to send you and your family a innovation to come to Bay City TX on July 15 2015 to be apart of Matagorda County Cavalry escort of the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall. I know this isn’t what you normally do but I just want to invent all of you to be a part of our family
    Peggy DeLancy

  5. Kathy Coniglio

    I love the pictures you took of Charlie and her dog.. Charlie is so blessed to have a Dad and Mom like you and Jodi.. Who got to name the dog? Beautiful photos of Charlie..

  6. Beverly Levine

    Love your new family member……what a cutie-pie! lzzy belle, may you all have many years of love and fun together. Love your show also….keep that film rollin! Big Fan, Bevie*

  7. Genevieve Hadley

    love the pictures of new puppy with your BEAUTIFUL little girl..Enjoy your show so very much plus this page..God Bless you and your sweet family.. WD love to know what NAME you decided upon for the pup.

  8. Carol Barber

    Your adorable new puppy definitely has some Old English Sheep Dog in her. She will make a wonderful companion for your daughter and your family. She will try to herd all of you. Enjoy your show

    Pete and Carol Barber

  9. cyn rankin

    LOVE ♡ the name Izzy Belle! Rescue dogs always seem to KNOW that they’ve been saved and given a second chance and they spend the rest of their days making that up to their new families. We’ve always been big believers in giving rescue dogs “fur-ever” homes. We’ve saved everyone of our pups from certain fates and they’ve always made sure to show us they’re gratitude in so many ways. Right now we have Ziggy Marley and Ozzy Pawsborne, and two more loved pups there have never been!
    Izzy looks like she’ll want for nothing. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos and sharing such a powerful message!

  10. Noel Elliot

    Izzy Belle! Fits! She says Charlie is MY new best friend!! She looks like she has total ownership of her girl. So sweet and, well, looks like a couple of trouble makes as well, in the good way Mike, in the good way. We had a rescue, Lucy. A pit bull mix. But was told she was a lab mix when we got her. Vet gave us the news she was a pit mix. There was never an aggressive bone in Lucy’s spirit. She took her job as the family dog very serious, picking up her leash in her mouth every morning running to the car with it to take the kids to school and every afternoon to pick them up. We has her for almost 18 years. Enjoy all the moments this little firecracker brings ya! She looks pretty tricky!

  11. michelle

    izzy belle!!!

    that is my 11 yr old daughters name!
    she too is a real big fan of yours mike… just like i know this sweet doggie will be!

    why im here i should say… your visit to jack white was one heck of a delight!!!

  12. M. A. Mott

    Hey, Mikey!!
    My husband Frank & I loooove the show & have followed you & Frank from the start!
    Izzy Belle! What an appropo choice & perfect for your Charlie! Love the pics of the two of them together; Izzy’s got some long legs, eh? Two little beauties. You & Jodi are surely blessed in love a-plenty!
    We live in Delaware (Sussex County) where there are lots of places to pick, so we invite you to visit “The First State” sometime soon & enjoy our hospitality!

    Love you guys!
    Mary Alice Mott

  13. Debbie Cazares

    Congrats!! In the past two years after our cocker spaniel Daisy passed at 15.5 years, we found a cavalier king Charles at one shelter and we named him Jagger, and later we found a cocker spaniel and we named her Gabi. These two get along great!!

  14. Karen

    Love the pictures and this blog, two lanes! You kindness is overwhelming and such a breath of fresh air, Thank you! Your Daughter Charlie is adorable, and now her new Friend, izzy Belle seems to complete her. They will make many great memories together along with long conversations. My Family loves the show and watches even re-runs over and over again. You and Frank make the search exciting! God Bless you and your Family.

  15. Susan

    We LOVE Snooty Giggles! They are a great rescue that has pulled from our shelter before. They are just wonderful…can’t say enough good things about them!!!

  16. Susan

    We LOVE Snooty Giggles! They are a great rescue that has pulled from our shelter before. They are just wonderful…can’t say enough good things about them.

  17. Annette

    Aw, the pictures of Charlie and Izzy Belle are adorable. We are also adopting a rescue puppy from a TN rescue this weekend. We are gonna name her Molly. We are so excited. Also we love your show and your squabbles with Frank.

    Annette Smith
    NW Virginia

  18. Mary Willoughby

    What great pictures of your dog and your beautiful little girl. We are in our 80’s and have one dog. Her name is Penny because our little grandson said that she was too little to be called Nickel. Thanks for the birthday greeting that you sent to me a year or so ago. I have it on my cell phone. You were at some sale or something that they were having in Middle Tn. and my granddaughter told you about my birthday and that I was a big fan of your show.

  19. Gloria

    The pictures are adorable. Charlie is so cute. I too believe in rescuing instead of shopping. My husband has Alzheimers and we rescued a boxer 3 years ago. It was the best thing we could have done, because it has really helped him. He feeds and walks him twice a day and I do believe it plateaued his condition from progressing faster. He loves your show and we watch it all the time. He will comment sometimes that he has an item that you pick. If your ever in Kansas, we have some old signs and a few other things that might interest you. Love your show…..keep on pickin!!!!

  20. Cynthia Schumann

    I knew I loved you guys! Not only do we watch your show all the time, but we are also parents of rescue pets. We currently have 3 dogs and 15 cats. We’ve had many more in the past. Thank you for being rescue parents too!!

  21. Brenda

    Mike, I love your show! I’ve learned so much from watching it! Thank you for sharing your lovely family with us! God keep you and Frank safe when you are on the road. Brenda

  22. Mary

    Love the name you choose for your new family member Charlie looks like she loves her new friend. 🙂 They are so cute together. Bless you & your family for giving Izzy Belle a forever home.

  23. Vicki Eccard

    I love the pictures of Charlie and Izzy Belle. Beautiful daughter and dog. The name is perfect. I suggested Liberty or Crackers but like your choice better!

  24. Cathy Hawley

    So LOVE your show! I would love to be a picker! I am amazed at the great finds !. You guys are great! Love the pics of Charlie and your new furbaby Izzy Belle! Great name! Hope to run into you sometime in Wisconsin!

  25. Barb Rothenberg

    Izzy Belle, great name! I myself have three dogs, all from the pound. Sami Jean she is 8, Toby keith he is 11 and Chewy bacca he is 5. They are worth their weight in GOLD!

    1. Lauren Wray Post Author

      I had a dog named “Chewy”, short for Chewbacca, growing up! Sounds like you have a great crew.

  26. Richard Musitelli

    The name “Izzy Belle” fits her perfectly like the Tennessee Belle she is. I wish I would have thought of that. Hope we run into to you the next time we visit Le Claire or Nashville. We’re setting up our DVR to record all of your shows (new & old). Like we said before, you have the greatest show on TV, for sure. Hope your Indiana picking goes well for you!!

  27. Bill Coffey

    I just rescued a black lab best dog and as much love from her Shelby” as I have ever had from all my other animals she had been abused how could people be so very mean to a loving animal ???? so sad their still out there un-caught……
    if you are getting an animal please,,,, please adopt and have two that are instant friends and love being around each other they ask nothing but for you to let them love you a bite of food …..some clean cool water …… is that too much to ask out of hours of laughter and wanting to be along side you? Thanks Mike and family for support on these Home needing very loving Animals…P.S. wouldn’t miss your show or your reruns great family time there too…………………………………Thanks and may God Bless any animal needing help! And provide a family!

  28. Carol

    Are you and Jodi going to have one more little picker so Charlie and her brother/sister can continually run the family business?
    Charlie is a cutie!!!!! VERY PHOTOGENIC!!!!!!

    I think it’s awesome that you and Frank go across America and collect some REALLY cool things, as well as cleaning up the environment!
    How awesome this that?

  29. don iacovelli

    what great looking kids…………good luck with the family mike…………love the show, best on t v……………….don

  30. Lynn Giedd

    It is so great to hear about your family! I love your garden. Thank you so much for promoting dog rescues. I live in Wisconsinand I adopted a rescued Rottweiler puppy from Tenn! Ever 50-100 miles the mom and her two pups changed rides till they made it to Wisconsin. (The mom had been so starved she didnt have any milk for her pups.) He is the must loving gental dog you could kind. Butch loves to play ball with all the neighborhood kids I wouldn’t trade him for all the gold in the world! Please keep promoting dog rescues!

  31. Jamie Harris

    Hi Mike! I’ve always loved your show and and my most favorite gift ever was an American Pickers Tshirt my husband bought me for Christmas one year! So it’s so great to hear that you and your family support rescues and have a few of your own! I’ve worked in rescue and with animals for a few years and can tell you that every legitimate rescue needs all the help that they can get! I have a house full of rescues (5 dogs and 3 cats) and I am currently a Vet Technician student. When I’m not studying, I always have American Pickers on the T.V! I’m hoping my husband gets me another American Pickers Tshirt again soon because my “fan girl” level just went up another notch since I’ve just read about your contribution to rescues! Keep up the good work and keep pickin! Thanks again for all you do Mike!

  32. Mary Jo

    We rescued a retired racing greyhound who we also named Izzy. So when I saw on your show recently that you had named your dog Izzy, I had to share with you. Our son owns Izzy’s mother and we requested one of her 19 offspring. Izzy was the first to be retired because she was losing her races. We adore her.

  33. Linda Nelson

    I lived on a dirt road that dead ended into a river all the pets I had growing up were drop off dogs people would throw away at the dead end. They were all great pets. Right now I have two australian cattle dogs I got from a cattle dog rescue. There my babies. Rescues make the best pets

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