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Two Lanes Blog - The Journey of Antique Archaeology & Mike Wolfe

Community in Commerce: East Nashville's Idea Hatchery

What Southern Living magazine calls one of the South’s best comeback neighborhoods was not long ago referred to, with a hint of side glance, as “the other side of the river”. Neighborhood visionaries Bret ... Continue reading »

Cairo, Illinois: America's Forgotten City

Mike stumbled upon Cairo by accident one night while driving around the southern most tip of Illinois. Ever the curious person, he parked his car on Main Street and began looking around. On either side ... Continue reading »

Empire Builder- The Joy of Slow Travel

Let's all agree that we live a instant gratification lifestyle that has made us forget about the process of doing something. Anything. Instead of respecting the time it takes, we find ourselves impatient, eager, and ... Continue reading »

A Few of Our Favorite #placestosave Posts

Back in March, Mike announced a partnership with the National Trust of Historic Preservation. The pair collaborated on a limited edition This Place Matters t-shirt where the proceeds would benefit the efforts of the NTHP. ... Continue reading »


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