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Two Lanes Blog - The Journey of Antique Archaeology & Mike Wolfe


It's no secret that Mike has a thing for motorcycles -- especially the antique ones. That same shared appreciation brought him and musician/producer Butch Walker together six years ago, taking rides down the historic ... Continue reading »

Dad's Yard: Growing Up With A Picker

Catie Curtis's most unforgettable childhood memory was exploring the Saco, Maine dump with her father, Phil Curtis, during the 1970s. To anyone else, this sounds more like punishment than paradise, but from her perspective, it ... Continue reading »

6 Treehouses You Should Rent This Fall

Remember how much fun we had playing in treehouses as kids? In our minds, a treehouse was more than just a clubhouse or an escape from a room shared with an annoying sibling. It was ... Continue reading »

History of Ventriloquy: Dapper Dummies

Did you know when Mike was little, he had a ventriloquist figure named Willie? It’s true. Lucky for us he was a better picker than a puppeteer! Now we know that ventriloquist dolls can ... Continue reading »


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