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Two Lanes Blog - The Journey of Antique Archaeology & Mike Wolfe

Come Stay At Mike's Two Lanes Guesthouse

Travelers who’d like to be immersed in Mike Wolfe’s Two Lanes backroad lifestyle can now make themselves at home in his Columbia, ... Continue reading »

Reighard's -- The Oldest Gas Station In America

Full-service since 1909 "Service!" shouts the filling station attendant. With the driver sitting comfortably inside their vehicle, the crew of Reighard's get to work pumping gas, cleaning the windshield, checking the fluids and tire pressure. This ... Continue reading »

Detour Ahead!

Why detours are the best part of taking a road trip. Summer travel is a tradition that folks of all ages have enjoyed for decades. Nothing beats packing a duffle, filling up on gas station snacks, and pointing the wheel in a... Continue reading »

American Pickers' Host Explains Finding Aerosmith's Pre-Fame Tour Van - And Saving It

American Pickers' Host Explains Finding Aerosmith's Pre-Fame Tour Van - And Saving It   7/10/2019 by Joe Lynch Previously published on Scouring the overgrown backyards and rusting warehouses of America for various collectibles, the hosts of American Picker... Continue reading »


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