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Two Lanes Blog - The Journey of Antique Archaeology & Mike Wolfe

Abandoned Kansas: Preserving the Stories of Small Town America

In 1871, taking advantage of the Homestead Act, Mary Rickman Anderson and her husband David paid the $10 fee and headed out across Kansas to claim their 160 acres. The family’s first home was a sod house, ... Continue reading »

The Angel of Hadley -- Exclusive Lore Podcast

When Mike and the crew are in the van and on their way to the next pick, their favorite thing to do is get quiet and cue up a ghost story. They adjust the volume ... Continue reading »

Mike Wolfe Shares "The Joy of Junk"

Ralph Lauren’s Creative Director includes America’s favorite picker in her new book about collecting treasures Mary Randolph Carter has worked alongside Ralph Lauren for the past 30 years, season after season helping create the ... Continue reading »

The Man Behind The Toughest Motorcycle Ride In America

Lonnie Isam Jr.’s legacy is an antique motorcycle endurance run that tests the true craftsmanship of century-old bikes Mike Wolfe and Lonnie Jr. were friends who shared the belief that antique motorcycles shouldn’t ... Continue reading »


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